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Writed by Tovro:

n the game there are 10 quests from which you can get a so called Bead
as a reward. If you collect all 10 beads you can deliver those at the
Merchant Guild Master in Beijing. The reward for delivering the 10
beads is huge:

* 200.000.000 XP on Eloquence
* 100.000.000 silver
* Aeneas Necklace

In this post I will tell you which quests you have to do in order to get
the beads. First of all I will give you a list of the quests and after
that I will give the details of each quest. I hope you all will be able
to get the final reward I mentioned above.

The quests you have to do
• Storyline (or scenario) quests (2x)
o The Treasure of Genghis Khan: Search (Brotherliness Bead)
o Revival of Mongolia: Defend Seoul (Virtue Bead)
• Merchant Alliance quests (5x)
o Test for the Merchant (Trust Bead)
o Test for the Wise (Wisdom Bead)
o Love Test (Courtesy Bead)
o Business Test (Bravery Bead)
o Exorcises the Buddhist Ceremony (Loyalty Bead)
• Ares Alliance quests (3x)
o The Story of Benevolence Bead (Benevolence Bead)
o Realize Last Wish (Righteousness Bead)
o Help the Old Woman (Filial Piety Bead)

The quests in detail
The Treasure of Genghis Khan: Clue & Search

• Finish Storyline Quest “Comprehensive war of Europe: Treasure”
• The carnival invitation you got from Storyline Quest “The Carnival in Venice: Importing”

You need to have the map of Crete Island which you get from the
Storyline Quest “The Legend of Crete Island: The Proof of Hero”
• You need 1.2 million silver

NPC follow-up:
• Nathan (Constantinople suburb)
• Kadeer (Constantinople city)
• Abba Bakery (Constantinople port)
• Artes (Alexandria)
• The Prophet (Crete Island, village, behind a house)
• Ye Du (Corsica Island, Tavern)
• Coceres (Amsterdam)
• Weaponsmith (Reykjavik city)
• Harold (Oslo city)
• Coceres
• Ye Du

• You will give the Invitation for the Carnival in Venice to Abba Bakery. Your reward will be:
o 600.000 xp sea battle
o 600.000 xp eloquence
o 600.000 xp voyage
• At the weaponsmith in Reykjavik you purchase the Paladin Sword
• The 2nd time you talk to Coceres, he will reward you with:
o 100.000 silver
o 100 reputation
o Lvl 4 Gun (revolver)
• The 2nd time you talk to Ye Du to finish the quest, he will reward you with:
o 5.800.000 xp sea battle
o 5.800.000 xp eloquence
o 5.800.000 xp voyage
o 2.000.000 silver
o 500 reputation
o Brotherliness Bead
o Title: “Golden Kesig”

Revival of Mongolia: The Invasion of Shogun and Defend Seoul

• Finish Storyline Quest “The Treasure of Genghis Khan: Search”
• Brotherliness Bead on your char
• 100x lvl 10 timber
• 100x lvl 2 metal

NPC follow-up:
• Chen Wen Ting (Melacca)
• Takahisa Tokugawa (Edo)
• Kouetu Hattori (Nagasaki)
• William Adams (Edo)
• William Adams
• Kouetu Hattori
• Names NPC’s in Quanzhou, Zhigu and Seoul (4 in each town)
• Kouetu Hattori
• William Adams
• Admiral Li (Seoul port)
• Emperor (Beijing city)
• Admiral Li
• Shogun (Shogunate Edo)
• Admiral Li


When you speak to Chen Wen Ting you must have the Brotherliness Bead on
your char. He asks you to sink a skeleton armed pirate in the South
Chinese Sea battle field. After that you’ll return to Chen Wen Ting
before you go to next NPC.
• When you meet William Adams for the
first time, he asks you to deliver 100x lvl 10 timber and 100x lvl 2
metal (pure iron). After delivering these materials you’ll get:
o 3.000.000 silver
o 100 reputation
• The named NPC’s in the 3 cities must be spoken to, no matter the order you do it.
• The last time you speak to William Adams do the following:
o Adams asks you if you have news from the Japanese
o First you’ll say Dutch are wrong to help evil Japanese
o Then Adams argue a little
o Adams gives you 2 choices for an answer:
 The good one is: You have to order some dancers for Japanese.
 The wrong one is: Finally you’re right, I will give you the drawing.
• Giving the good answer you will get:
o 5.000.000 xp sea battle
o 5.000.000 xp voyage
o 5.000.000 xp eloquence
o 999 reputation
o Title: “Anti-Japanese Hero”
• Giving the wrong answer the quest stops here and you won’t be able to get the bead.
• Admiral Li wants 5.000 Neptune Cross Wave Mines (lvl 10, Seoul Shipyard Boss). Reward:
o 10.000.000 silver
o 999 reputation
• Give Admiral Li’s letter to the Emperor. He will give you the Virtue Bead. Reward
o 800 reputation

The Shogun is a lvl 9 boss in Shogunate Edo. The quest is done when
you’ve killed the shogun and reported it to Admiral Li. For the bead
you won’t have to kill the shogun, but the reward for killing him is:
o 30.000.000 xp sea battle
o 30.000.000 xp eloquence
o 30.000.000 xp voyage
o 10.000.000 silver
o 999 reputation
o Title: “Samurai Ghost”

Test for the Merchant
Receive quest from Merchant Guild Manager in Venice

Requirement: Purchasing lvl 2

The MGM will ask you to earn 250.000 silver in one month time (= 12
hours real time). Trick of this quest is that you have to fail it to
earn to bead. So do nothing for 12 hours. Log off your char or put it
on a scroll, but do not earn that 250.000 silver!

Test for the Wise (Wise man’s Test)
Receive quest from Merchant Guild Manager in Aden

• Purchasing lvl 5
• 1x Mirror (Seville)
• 1x Soybean (Algiers)
• 1x Marijuana (Dakar)
• 1x Corn (Mozambique)
• 1x Wheat (Sri Lanka)
• 1x Rice (Muscat)

• You will get 3 questions:
o The first one is a riddle about an article: Seen from left is right;
seen from right is left; look from the front, it’s the front; look from
the back, it’s nothing. This is the trader good Mirror from Seville.
o The 2nd test you’ll deliver the trader goods Soybean, Marijuana, Corn, Wheat and Rice.
o For the 3rd test you need to be sure to have 8.128 silver on your char. Put the rest of your money at the bank.

Love Test (Love’s Ordeal)
Receive quest from Merchant Guild Manager in Basra on the 20th of each month or on June 7 or February 14.

• Purchasing lvl 8
• Finished Storyline Quests “Helpless Love” and “Fall in Love with a Stranger”
• 2x Goldware (Mogadishu)
• 2x Silverware (Semarang)
• 2x Diamonds (Muscat)
• Prince & Princess Dress (Tailor Barcelona)
• Prince & Princess Hat (Tailor Lisbon)

Note: Your final answer to the MGM is YES.

Business Test (Test for Merchants)

Receive quest from Merchant Guild Manager in Edo.

Requirement: Purchasing lvl 10


Deliver 1 piece of every trader good in game to the MGM in Edo. You
have 2 months (= 24 hours real time) to accomplish the quest.

Below this you’ll find packages of 6 trader goods. Best is to do this
quest with more chars/players. Each char/player can take a package and
assist you in bringing it to Edo. It took me about 5 hours to complete
this quest using my main and 4 alts.
• Package 1: Pendant Lamp, Rum and Western Medical Liq from Reykjavik, Tableware, Carpet and Seafood from Madeira.

Package 2: Pure White Lotus and Velvet from Stockholm, Bear Gallblader
from Hamburg, Wood Carvings from Amsterdam and Sculpture from London.
• Package 3: Beef, Champagne, Saffron, Tulip, Watch and Brandy from Bordeaux.
• Package 4: Orange and Whiskey from Venice, Antler Decoration, Glassware, Whale Oil and Wool Fabric from Lisbon.
• Package 5: Banana, Oil Painting and Salt from Athens, Grape, Ivory Crafts and Soybean from Algiers.
• Package 6: Carvings from Tripoli, Apple from Barcelona, Bronzeware, Ginseng, Lobster and Mirror from Seville.
• Package 7: Amber, Pepper and Snake Venom from Accra, Fish and Fruit Jam from Dakar, Gold from Cape Town.
• Package 8: Emerald, Granulate Sugar, Scorpion Venom and Vodka from Luanda, Violin and Wool from Cape Town.
• Package 9: Almond, Ironware and Mutton from Suez, Cinnamon, Coffee and Olive from Aden.
• Package 10: Corn, Dye, Jewelry and Pilose Antler from Mozambique, Pollen from Semarang.
• Package 11: Sword Ornament from Aden, Cabinet, Date, Goldware, Lemon and Lizard Tail from Mogadishu.
• Package 12: Hide from Basra, Datura, Diamond, Leather and Rice from Muscat, Cotton Fabric from Bombay.
• Package 13: Beer, Isatis Root, Ivory, Spices and Wheat from Sri Lanka, Tomato from Melacca.
• Package 14: Marble and Olive Oil from Bombay, Honey, Marijuana, Pearl and Rose Oil from Melacca.
• Package 15: Handicraft, Longan, Silk, Stone Carving and Tea from Quanzhou.
• Package 16: Aloe, Chest, Pork, Silverware and Tobacco from Tourane.
• Package 17: Amethyst, Kimchi, Kite, Korean Dress, Korean Ginseng and Laquered Work from Seoul.
• Package 18: Ambergris, Canvas, Crystal, Linen and Pear from Nagasaki
• Package 19: Chinese Medical Liq, Porcelain, Silk Fabric, Silver and Yellow Wine from Zhigu.
• Package 20: Antiques, Kimono, Lichi, Reishi, Rice Wine and Vegetable from Edo.

Exorcises the Buddhist Ceremony
Receive quest from Merchant Guild Manager in Beijing.

Requirements: Purchasing lvl 8

Notes: Deliver the following trader goods:
• 96x Ambergriss (Nagasaki)
• 63x Pure White Lotus (Stockholm)
• 36x Diamonds (Muscat)
• 1x Sarira (drop from Golden Buddha in Semarang)
• 55x Holy Light Weeds (Santa Maria/Sardinia)
• 55x Bloodthirsty Flower (Semarang)

The Story of Benevolence Bead
Receive quest from Ares Alliance Master in Semarang.

Requirements: Sea Battle & Weapon lvl 71 or higher.

Notes: Deliver one piece of the following trader goods:
• Velvet (Algiers)
• Tulip (Genoa)
• Antler Decoration (Lisbon)
• Hide (Dakar)
• Snake Venom (Dakar)
• Chinese Medical Liq (Zhigu)
• Silk (Quanzhou)
• Silk Fabric (Quanzhou)
• Tobacco (Tourane)
• Marijuana (Semarang)

Realize Last Wish
Receive quest from Ares Alliance Master in Tourane.

Requirements: Sea Battle & Weapon lvl 71 or higher.

Notes: Visit the following NPC’s:
• Bring letter from Tourane to Elizabeth (London City), maybe you’ll have to bribe Jone (maiden of Elizabeth) first.
• Bring Elizabeth’s reply to Emperor in Beijing.

Help the Old Woman
Receive quest from Ares Alliance Master in Quanzhou.

Requirements: Sea Battle & Weapon lvl 71 or higher.

• After receiving the quest visit Mrs Li in Quanzhou. She’ll tell you she’s worried about her son.
• Visit Chen Wen Ting in Melacca. He’ll tell you Mrs Li’s son has been killed by pirates.

Go to Taiwan offshore and sink 5x Ryuku Island Tiger Armed ships. This
is the easiest spot to sink those pirates. The other 2 spots are the
Ryuku Island battle fields south of Nagasaki.
• Return to Mrs Li and
tell her that her son is doing business and pay her 100.000 silver. If
you tell her that her son is dead, you won’t get the bead.
• Visit the Emperor in Beijing to receive the bead.
you have all the 10 beads go to the Merchant Guild Manager in Beijing
and accept the quest “World first merchant”. Completing it will give
you the huge reward.

Good luck


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