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you can get diferent pets in game...but the only good ones are the 666 IM pets...those that you can buy with real silver.

i found this guilde over there. it compare the new pets


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New Pets Introduction


New Elements Involving Pets
1. Evolutions

When a new
pet reaches Level 40, it will trigger an evolution to take place. Once
that same pet reaches Level 99, it will trigger a 2nd evolution. The
appearance of the pet changes each time an evolution is triggered.


2nd generation pets will have more attributes than the 1st generation pets. These attributes include:

Damage Bonus
Damage Reduction
Critical Strike
Critical Strike Resist

3.New Abilities

Protection Skill – Increase a player's attributes.
Exclusive Skills – Skills unique to the 2nd pets when they reach certain levels.
Common Skills – Skills that are used by different pets. These are available when the pet reaches certain levels.

4. Backpack

Pets are now capable of helping players to carry items.
The Backpack Enlarge item can be used to add to your pet's backpack size, allowing your pet to carry more.

5. Pet Gear

There are five kinds of pet gear available:

Feet Ring
Blood Certificate

If the added attributes
of a pet have not been activated, it will not receive the corresponding
attribute once it is wearing gear.

6. Auto-Feed
Make use of the auto-feed function to save a lot of time managing your pet

7. Auto-Cast
Now with the auto-cast function, players can set up their pets to cast spells automatically.

8. How to get the new pets:

Hell Wolf: Occupy a port. When the prosperity of that port is 300,000, you can buy this pet. DONT KNOW IF IN BBO WORKS

Ice Fairy: These can be purchased in an Item Mall.
Shadow Reaper : These can be purchased in an Item Mall.
Flaming Urus: These can be obtained from certain events

Pets' New SkillPets will now have three new orders that are in addition to the original pet orders:

The slots for these exclusive skills will be locked in the very beginning.

Gasolic Bloodline interface
The Gasolic bloodline can activate 1 common skill slot. It can be purchase from a pet businessman.
The Poogid bloodline can activate 1 exclusive skill slot and 2 common
skill slots. It exists for 7 days from the time of purchase (which time
is still deducted for when you are not online). It can be purchased in
the Item mall

If the bloodline is gone, the 2nd skill will be unavailable (including passive skills).

Some pet skills are connected to the pet attributes. Refer to skill book for more info.
Only certain pets can learn the exclusive skills.

Pet Items
Pet Bolus: The Pet Bolus will raise a pet's savvy level. They can be purchased from the Web Item Mall.
Rebirth Pill: Refreshes Intelligence. They can be purchased from the Web Item Mall.
Junior Life-Saving Pill: Heals 10 HP. Can be automatically used. They can be bought from the in-game Pet Businessman.
The pet skills part has already been fixed.

Pet Skills
Small Revival Pill:immediately heals 250 HP.Can be automatically used
The following skills can be purchased from the pet skill tutor.

New Pets can only be destroyed!

If you want a new pet make sure you do. These new pets cant be traded
or sold in any way. The only way you can get rid of it is by destroying
it when you drop it from inventory. The food for these pets cost about
8-10 times more then the old ones.


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