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i said non im pet...but you can buy them ...if you are so the im...i said so cos you can tame a pet...what needs: fist play enought this game to get more than 60 hours playing, next wait thill end month to get your salary vouchers, and exchange them for a pet bait...calculate 2-3 pets baits. for tigers...needs food for felide to tame, food for birds. for peasants and vultures, rabbit food to tame a rabit etc..In this kind of pets the only goods are the dino or the vulture. cos all the rest have a less stats and you will spend tons of silver to get a decent pet only to activate to be funny with him..they are prety useless to help to you to fight agains the monsters.

The posittion is almost at spawnpoint, Normal spawntime is 45-120min.

No it will NOT come a complet guide of pets different
attack/defence/dodge etc. for each level due to each type got unique

Frequently Asked Questions about pets

Q: Where can i find/buy Pet food to catch them with and price?
A: As i said before, you will need salary vouchers and exchange them in the npc close to the salary payer.

Q: Whats the best pet to use?
A: Each pet has different special areas, like some has good doge and other attack etc. But these pets are only for walk with them. For example...a buny could be at certain lv can kill fox but needs tons of silver to make that your bunny kill a wolf. My dino for example can kill mallorca lizars in the instance but he cant kill the boss alone. And is lv 50 and i spend more than 100 millions in total with him.

Q: Why did i fail to catch the pet?
A: For tame a pet needs to deactivate auto-atack to dont kill him, then use the pet food to tame. click the pet far to dont hit him, next click the food bait. and resist his atac withouth any move by one minute or the time taming. Once start to tame a mesage appears..tame time 60-59-58-56...0...if you dont move then you will get your pet...a wistle appears in your items then clilck it and save the pet till you food him...tamable pets get enormous hungry, and heal him...he still is savage needs to heal him. But sometimes the pet atack and move you...then you loose your pet bait and needs another one to try again. The problem of the lions-dinos-vultures is that you needs tons of hp, potions and even a AB to heal to you while he atack to you. And someone around you to save your life for the rest of monsters from HI.

Q: How much does it cost to have a pet?
A: Demands each type of pets but from basic food it cost 300k/hour + Pet Health kits.

Q: What happens if a pet dies?
A: Nothing more than it loos some health and will return at the pet flute. But each time than he die, he loose amity with you, if his fidelity decrease to 0 he disappear for always. Each time he die, you loose 30 fidelity points. And needs a lot of time-food-heal- to increase again.

Q: How many pets can you have out at once?
A: Activate only one, but you can get diferent pets wistles in your equipment.

Q: Do pet get back health over time?
A: No, but you can reduce the speed it decreasing by have pet health and well feed.


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