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You can be pirate cityzen there are 3 options...

1 ,. Crete pirate
2,. Corsica pirate
3,. Tortue pirate....i sugest this one cos is more easy and is the one that i know lol.


1,. Fist that you needs to know is that is really officer in Tortue, then the only way to get amity for buy noble titles is killing and killing merchants like a fool.

There are some quest that gives to you fast amity and then, i suggest to you to do it, cos you get good rewards...The fatest way is killing a lot of patrols and frigates but you loose the most funny for a pirate, the melon cutting drawings, to lean the skill disposal of stolen goods, a fast way to sell the merchant or smugling goods that you get when you kill one smugler pirate or any merchant.

2 that you needs to know...only atack spanish merchants, cos you get bad amity with spain, if you atack other countrys then you will be a problem with a lot of countrys, to many enemies means a lot of problems...then i sugest to you only kill spanish merchants..

3 DONT ATACK any smugler pirate from Tortue, or you loose amity with tortue, and i tell to you is really hard lv up.

4 when you choose to be cityzen from tortue you become COMONER....then...dont change your stuff, your weaponds, jewels, suits, weaponds, helmets or you cant wear it again...cos you are now Comoner... if you dont quit no problem. remember this...once you started the pirate career needs to finish it. And keep in mind that you will need about 2 days killing spanish merchants. Then dont start if you are not able or you dont want do this for 2 complete days.


fist talk with the Pirate leader Haman. then become pirate.

FALCHION OF PIRATE SAILOR.: Talk with the NPC called Arm Peddlery. he send to you to board merchants, till you get 2 merchant vouchers....give back to him and he gives to you an usefull pirate weapond lol. and some amity.

SUIT OF PIRATE SAILOR; talk with the npc called Loricae Peddlery...he send to you to board merchants...same than again...i sugest gold merchants, diamons, or ruby...till you get 5 trade voucchers. then he gives an usefull suit and some amity.

EXTORTION QUEST: pirate leader haman...needs to kill 25 captains from gold spanish merchants.
gives to you the manual of extortion, to make extortion to others players, but i sugest to you never use it cos you can be in pink. To much risc for low reward lol...and problems for the guid if you atack other players.

MELON CUTTIN QUEST...not sure the NPC who gives to you the quest, i think there are 2 ...i remember was one NPc close to haman...but i dont remember now. The melon cutting is the draw to learn the disposal of stolen goods, try to find this quest and do it as soon as you can then you can earn a lot of silver when you continue boarding and killing merchants, cos you can sell the goods in the sea clicking disposal of stolen goods and clicking then the goods...they are automaticly sold.

Once you finished all these task your amity will be sure about lv 61, buy the noble titles always you can. and when you finish all the quest in Tortue, then is time to go to seville or las palmas and start to kill frigates till amity 100. When you will be tired then sail till MADEIRA, buy a lot of ammo, wait till night and sail to gibraltar to raise your amity with spain cos frigates and patrols always atack to you if you dont rise again amity with spain...

Once you will be amity 100 with tortue then sail fast and quickly till tortue and buy the pirate king noble rank....and are a pirate king now.


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