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This guide contains basic information's about refining equipment, locations of refiners, and effects.
This guide covers all information's about all refiners that are currently available in current game version.


Voyage Century offers a new unique way of upgrading your character, refining system. Its no longer enough to make your equipment and be strong. Making equipment is easy compared to refining system. Every item (armor, weapon, hat, ship figurehead...) can be refined (pimped) one way or another.

To refine your equipment you will need corresponding refining stones. Almost all stats can be pimped, attack power, defense, accuracy, dodge, ship cannon amount, sailor amount etc... All of those stats have their own refining stones, even multiple types. In order to make this refining process simple and effective, this guide will try to explain this topic on most simple way.

Refining tips

Success rate is very low. Its always better to use items with higher success rate. Some items like quality stones have insanely low success rate and its better to leave them alone.

You can only pimp base stats, unless notes say otherwise. i.e. you can't use flame stones on superior profession weapons because they don't have base anti-passivity stat, but you can use parry crystals even if they don't have parry as base. If you don't see any special notes it means you need to have base stat to use it.

Refining is mostly related to luck, some days you will have above average success rate and some days below average. Some players claim that location of refining affects the success rate. There's hundreds of different theories but in my opinion its just placebo effect.

Guide format

Guide is divided into 5 main sections
•Drill Stones

Each of those main sections are divided into smaller sections which contain the full list of all refining stones designed to pimp certain stat on those items.
If you can't find a certain stat in one of the main sections it means it can't be pimped in this game version.

Refining tree

I'm introducing this refining tree in order to illustrate which stones should be used to refine equipment. Stones are also in order, starting from zero bonus and going to max possible bonus.
Note that this way of refining might not be cheapest one, but it has most probability to succeed.

List of refiners

List of refiners, as the name says is basically list of all refiners available for certain stat. It contains basic information's like success rate, how to obtain and some important notes you need to read before using.

Refining effects

Refining effect shows the outcome after using certain stone. When using these stones you can experience 2 outcomes, success or fail. If stone succeeds it adds bonus, if stone fails it may decrease bonus or have no effect at all.

Different effects are represented by these symbols
+ X - adds X bonus
- X - decrease X bonus
0 - no effect

Few examples:

+10 | 0 - success adds +10, fail makes no effect
+10 | -10 - success adds +10, fail decreases -10
+10 | 0 | -10 - success adds +10, fail decreases -10 or makes no effect at all


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•all weapons can be refined one way or another
•some refiners can only be used on certain weapons (look at the notes)
•its impossible to refine some stats on weapons i.e. attack speed
•in order to pimp certain stat, weapon needs to have it as base stat unless notes say otherwise


Refining tree

All weapons

Pure Steel Special Pure Steel Refined Pure Steel (Level 2) Quality Raw Steel Material(Superior)

i give the hard to cut and paste...


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