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Leroy Jenkins funy story Empty Leroy Jenkins funy story

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Leeroy Jenkins (also well knowed as Leeeeeeeeeroy Jenkins) (Ben Schultz in the real life) is one of the members of the guild PALS FOR LIFE in the MMORPG World of Warcraft.

Meanwhile his team members were making a plan to attack the hard dungeon at Upper Blackrock Spire using a Team speak chat. This guy went to the kitchen to eat something. His pals was trying to study the better way to attack the monsters and dont will be killed in the dungeon.

Leroy was in the kitchen and dont had listening nothing abouth the plan. His friends were very scared and just close to dont make the instance. They concluded than dont get more chance than a 32 per cent to finish the task.

Leroy back to the computer, he just back to take some fried chiken in kitchen, then he just said "leeeeeeeeeeeeroy Jenkinsssssss" and start to attack the monsters cos he dont have been listening nothing about the plant. Just back and attack

this is the story:

"A Rough Go" opens with a band of characters milling around inside an ominous dungeon. Over the computer voice-chat system, the players plan in nasally ├╝ber-geek detail how to tackle the baby dragons nearby: "Um, I will use Intimidating Shout to kinda scatter them," "We're gonna need Divine Intervention on our mages," "I'm coming up with 32.33, repeating of course, percentage of survival." Just when it seems they will be forever mired in painful, Kafkaesque planning, a character sitting silently off to the side leaps to his feet. "All right chums, let's do this!" he declares in a deep, slightly insane voice. He charges headfirst and alone into the fray, hollering his name as a battle cry: "LEEROOOOOY JEEEEENKINS!" The others are stunned. "Oh, my God, he just ran in!" one gasps. "Save him! Oh, jeez, stick to the plan! Oh, jeez, let's go, let's go!" Cursing and confused, they dash after Leeroy -- and the dragons start ripping them to shreds. Soon bodies litter the floor; all the characters are dead. "Great job! For Christ's sake!" the players whine. "Leeroy, you are just stupid as hell!" To which Leeroy responds, "At least I have chicken." End scene.

And This is the famous video. i think we get to much leroy jenkings in the guild too lol.


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