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There are for the moment 3 kind of sea boses.. and i explain each group in diferent post.

1 .- RAIDING SEA BOSES...they atack to any player lv who get goods in ship and pass trow his respawn zone. The danger of those boses are the ship ram...they atack to you and use ram to sunk to you fist, then he try to board you and if he fail then he start to shot you. More lv boss. more dangerours. - Barbarossa, Hilton Lace, Oji...william dampier...

2.- TRADE ROUTE NORMAL SHIPS....they respawn each certain time and sail always in the same trade can board them and i sugest to do it XD. cos the captain drops drawings and silver and sometimes jewels. There are diferent dangers of each pirate so i will explain in the next post at forum.

3- TRADE ROUTE SPECIAL SHIPS...same than before but YOU CANT BOARD THEM ...and you needs certain lv of sea battle to can atack them...there are 3 groups

---Sea battle less than 80 if you have 81 sea battle then you CANT atack them.
George Ashen Ulrico Ship
Ran de Bellives Liones
Edward Davis Flag ship.

----Sea battle less than 105

Savage Henri Morgan
Bloadable Nibeto Bonito FS
Henry Ivells Fantasy Ship

-------no limit bur really really hard ones...
Tippy Tippo FS
Labos Eagle Ship
Wansaofens Craking Lighter aboard ship.


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