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This is the respam zone


All of those pirates can and i could say...MUST be boarded...cos when you kill the captain he will drop some silver and could be a drawing or...as once make one of them...he can give to you obsidians, olivines or saphires...but its a rare drop...as monsters charms and refined weaponds. suits....So try always to board them and once do it ...run fast to kill the captain to get the draws...

Once killed check the ship wrekages...more silver, could be good ammo and surely any figure ship with good posible upgrades...

In general except the lv 9-10 arent hard to kill the problem is always the ram atack, they try fist to ram your ship...and next board to you...if they fail then he will try to go far, shot you and ram again. So a good tactic use to shot them some sails cannonballs to reduce his speed...or better use sailors cannonballs to reduce the sailors and the ship speed but becarefull to dont sunk him...once he is sailing slow adjust your speed to him...and let him to aproach little by little to you...then use your grappling hook. dont let ram you..


1 BARBAROSA... LV 4 pirate...Coordinates -229/-213 ...Athens - 20 minutes to rewpawn from last one time he appears. Nothing special he easy one ship...sometimes he droped to me a monster charm. drawings lv 31 .

2 Emanuel wynne .. LV 5 pirate...coordinates -115/585 ...London ... respawm time 30 minutesd use to drop drawings lv 41. not to much hard all depends of your lv XD.

3 William Dampier.... Lv 6 pirate ... coordinates -1498 / 392 Melaka-semarang . Respawn 35 minutes. Drop draws lv 51

4 Klaus Stortebeker ... LV 7 pirate...coordinates -21/646 ...down of Oslo. Respawn 40 minutes
Drop recipes lv 61

5 Ali Raja...Lv 7 pirate...coordinates -1034/326 west from Sry Lanke close the no name isle XD. Respawn 40 minutes Drop recipes lv 61

6 Tomas Tew...lv 8 pirate...coordinates -678/193 east from Sain Andrews pirates. Respawn 45 minutes Drop recipes lv 71

7 Hilton Lace...lv 9 pirate...coordinates ...check the map . use to be a storm sometimes there.
Respawn 50 minutes Drop recipes lv 81 His ram can destroy your ship or your armor ship...if you are in a raider lv 10 withouth ramproff...you will be sunked. cos i was XD. from this pirate till 11 all are a little dangerours...so, becarefull if you dont have a good batle ship and good ramproff...

8.- Murayama Toan...Lv 9 pirate...-1801/-48 Quanzou. samen than Hilton

10.- Tokisada Amakusa Shiro...Lv 10 pirate coord -1842/177 around Nagasaki.

11.- William Kit...Lv 10 pirate... coord.. -420 / 918 ...close capetown in afroasian map.

12.- Oji lv 10 pirate...coord -1630/160 Close Tourane

13 Edward Teach...lv 10 pirate coord 475/109 up to dakar...in the past there was a palm tree just were he respawn...but frogster quit the palm tree... XD.


14 ESTEBAN CATERINA... lv 6 pirate...coord 303/ -197 ..around seville...its the only pirate that i never killed...he have low lv...but the problem is:
He atacks to you only if you have bad amity with spain...then...cos he is close to seville i think the only way to get his atack and dont suffer by the proximity of patrols ships, frigates etc... its do it by night...but seems so dangerous only to kill one lv 6 pirate.

When he atacks you, you will get more bad amity with spain.

15 FRANCIS DRAKE... lv 7 pirate, needs bad amity with England and if you atack him then your bad amity with england will raise a lot. to reach 0 again or be in + sail by night till oslo Battle field and kill a lot of pirates there. The respawn zone in almanac is wrong...he apears around bourdeaux close to spain....if you sail from bourdaux till Lisbon with auto-track...he will appears just at the middle nord side of spaiin. That means a little far from merchants trade routes so, english patrols and english frigates in theory are out of range ...but becareful. i sugest once you kill him, sail by night around Irland and pass by the north of england to dont get a bad surprise in the chanel with the Royal navy XD.


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