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I Call them trade route cos they always appears in the sea in the same trade route...use to be the normal trade route and they can be ataqued by any player lv . That dont means that they arent soo dangerous XD. But dont be scared, with a good lv 9-10 ship and good stuff of jewels you can kill them easy. The only problem is that you needs to board them fast with your grappling hook...if you fail then you can see the power of his cannons and surely you will be sunked fast XD. Use a good lv grappling hook to be sure to dont fail more than 2 times.

They use to drop dragon drawings. some cash and in wrecages you can check good figures or ammo and ship and sailors repairs kits.

1 HONORABLE FRIGATES...in the past there was 2 of them...one called HONORABLE OSLO FRIGATE...Sailing from Stocholm till Lisbon and back...his aspect is like a normal frigate but with diferent name...the problem if you kill it is your amity with Oslo...is like you kill one Oslo frigate..that means you must go to oslo BF by night to raise again your amity.
The second HONORABLE FRIGATE...was around zhigu...i saw it when i was low lv but long long time ago of this and i never saw it again. Dunno what happens if you atack.

2.- BARTOLOMEWS ROBERTS...TOLO for the friends XD...his cannons are really dangerous...try to grappling him fast...he sunk me with a lv 10 bs in 5 shots...but i boarded fast with raider lv 10 withouth problem.and with grappling lv 7 . he use to sail in a black ship in the trade route MADEIRA-LISBON-LONDON. And back ..duno as the other ships if he dissapears when he do some travels in both directions or till someone kill him.

3.- JOHN HAWKINGS. Trade route Cape Town- Luanda- Accra- dakar- Madeira.. and back to Cape by same route I never sunked cos he get the lucky to dont be with enjo and be in alts XD. his trade route is so long then i dont know very well where he use to sail exactly.

4 .- GNAL CHARLY WILLY....trade route London, Tortuga. London and back to tortuga...I never saw it so i never sunk it. Supose you can see him if you make the route of english merchants till Tortue...but not sure.

5 .- GNAL CRUZ...the most funny pirate that i killed XD...trade route Seville- Madeira and Tortue and back to Seville by the same way...its a merchant caravane of 5 ships...seems a team player of 5 ships...when you atack him then you must board all the 5 ships...all them shot to you so try to grapple the closest one to you. The 4 merchants gives to you a lot of silver and Cruz use to drop obsidians, saphires or olivines or a mix of them XD 2 obsidiand + 1 saphire..or 2 olivines + 2 saphires or and any dragon drawing ...or....only silver its pure ramdom.but in any case i never get less than 4-5 millions in total.

The respawn time of each one keeps in the top secret piratas guild and all the info of the respawn its tnx to our member Dekman XD ...if you are interested ask to enjo. but ...i only can control some of them.


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