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Quest name...............Slay Taskmaster Rowan

Receive from.............Hurricane Island Beach

Requirement..............Bare-handed Fighting skill>90

Quest Introduction
I'm Captain Migna, Roman adventurer. We were confronted by a storm, so my sailors and I were stranded here. We planned to collect some materials for repairing the ship on the island, unfortunately the damning Taskmaster Rowan injured me. If you can avenge me, I will reward you.

Slay Taskmaster Rowan

Submit to Captain Migna

Reward............... Lvl 2 Kiss of Holy Gun Special Skill Manual



Quest name...............Marish of Hurrican Island

Receive from............ Tom (Hurricane Island Beach) (0, -34)

Requirement.............Bare-handed Fighting skill>90

Quest Introduction
I'm one of Captain Migna's sailors. Since we've been stranded on the island for a long time, we have gotten to know the surface features of this area well and have drawn maps already. The map will be very helpful for you to escape the swamp and get close to the island. We need money to repair our ship, I will sell it to you for some silver.

Submit 7.5 million Silver Coins

Submit to Tom

Reward................Swamp Map to enter Instance



Quest name...............Collect the Material

Receive from............ Tom (Hurricane Island Beach) (0, -34)

Requirement.............Bare-handed Fighting skill>90

Quest Introduction
I got a book on Falchion-play when we fought with pirates. If you collect High Class Chine*50 and Perfect Hide*50 for me, I will send it to you.

High Class Chine*50
Perfect Hide*50

submit to Tom

Reward................Lvl 2 Soul of Sabre Special Skill Manual



Quest Name.............Key To the Grave

Receive From..........Claude

Requirement............Bare-handed Fighting>90

Quest Introduction
The Cliff Valley Guardians killed my brother Brosell, could you help me to kill them? Then bring me four hearts from the Cliff Valley Guardians.

Quest.....................four hearts of Cliff Valley Guardians

Reward..................Key to the Grave.



Quest Name............Slay the Head of Grave Robbers, Dante.

Receive From.........Claude

Requirement...........Bare-handed Fighting>90

Quest Introduction
The Head of the Grave Robbers, Dante, is in charge of the Golden Pirate, he hides in the depths of the grave, you should defeat him before going ahead.

Quest.......................Slay the Head of Grave Robbers, Dante.

Reward....................Flawless Diamond*2


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Hurricane Island Instance Level 1

First Level: Mining Cave of Hurricane Island


Mobs here are armadillos and pirates. These are not tough and can be soloed, but it will take fa long time to work your way through. You can see the required path to take from the screenshot and I highly advise clearing a path so that you will not have to deal with any mobs if/when you die.
In order to pass to the next Level you must kill TaskMaster Rowan and open the door to the Lizards Caves.

Task Master Rowan: Boss Fight

Rowan is standing on an altar. Along with Taskmaster Rowan are 4 NPCs (white shirt mine worker, gray shirt mine worker, white shirt supervisor, and gray shirt supervisor). These NPCs and boss will heal themselves overtime so it is highly advised to take out 1 NPC as a group per time.
*The plan that I always use is ONE TANK ROWAN the best one excpet if he is an AB. Cos Rowan put him in coma stat and buff him...the other members must kill fast the other pirates and next atack Rowan.

Items dropped by Rowan: Rowan's Amulet, Inhumanity Ring, Level 11 Armor Blueprint,] Alchemy Drawings and various gems for updating the equipment attributes weapon ultimate skill books level 2, IM stones


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Level 2

Level 2: The Lizard Caves


Qualified Condition for Entering: Killing Boss Rowan on the 1st level,then activating the entrance to the 2nd level.
Boss: Lizard Man Lens
You do not have to kill the boss here in order to get to the next Level: Cliff Valley.
But from my experience if you have cleared the first level of all monsters the break even point for making back the instance entry fee is to clear about 1/2 of this level.

All mobs here are lizards. Most of them are fairly strong and the strongest is the blood lizard. The blood Lizard has 5 mutant stormy lizards with him. All of these lizards will heal themselves, and the Blood Lizard will spawn more of the Mutant Stormy lizards.

Boss Lizard Lens spawns 10 variant Lizards when his health is down 1/3. 10 will be summoned in every 30 seconds.
Lens' HP: 310,000
Variants Lizard HP 4,000
Spell: Suffering damage by toxic spell for 60 sec. Click on Guardian light to immunize from being damaged.

Items dropped from Lens: Lens's eye, Inhumanity Ring, various Level 11 Weapon Blueprints,
Alchemy Drawings, and various gems for updating the equipment attributes.
Lens's Safe: has some items to grab.


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Level 3

Cliff Valley

HURRICANE ISLAND WALKTHROUGH 20111010_44f3edf47c2a9629ed88eAHC3WTADNYq

Qualified Condition of Entering 3rd level: Kill Boss Lens on the 2nd level, then activate the entrance to the 3rd

To get into the 4th Level you will have to have an item called "Key to Grave"
There are 2 ways to obtain one:
1) buy it from other players
2) Do the "Key to Grave" quest Given by NPC Claude on this level
The first time you enter the 3rd level: Find NPC Claude.

HURRICANE ISLAND WALKTHROUGH 20111010_d6d848a79e18f7b375a1AJ9OHix3osox

Take/accept the "Key to Grave" quest. The quest of "Key to Grave" requires to collect 4 hearts of Ciff valley Guardian and turn them into Claude. You will need to enter the Hurricane Instance a minimum of 4 times to complete this quest as there is only 1 Cliff valley Guardian available each Instance session.
After completing the quest, then you will get the Key to Grave.

3rd Level Monsters in General
The lions can critical for over 3k damage and then the barbarian beast tamers can be tough! The vultures have a poison that can deal 500 damage/second.
Best suggestion for here is to try and single out 1 mob at a time, if you get low on health just turn around, go back to the lizard caves and heal, let your team finish that mob off.

There are actually 4 Bosses on this level
Barbarian Chieftain Patty (Patty)
Cliff Valley Guardian (Lion King)
Barbarian gorilla guardian (King Kong)
Barbarian tyrannosaurus guardian (T- Rex)

You only have to kill Patty to progress on to the next level (If you have a key to grave).
It is possible to avoid the bosses (though you will get close to King kong).. by staying to the left along the wall then cutting accross the left lake and then along the left wall to Patty (See map)

Boss:Barbarian Chieftain Patty
Items dropped from Barbarian Chieftain Patty: Accessory including Poseidon Jewelry, Cannon Fight Master's Series, Cannon Fight Expert's Series, various gems of updating the equipment attributes.

At the beginning of the battle, you only need to kill Barbarian Chieftain Patty. But after a certain amount of time if you do not kill him he begins to spawn Barbarian warriors.
Barbarian Warrior: When the health reaches to 240,000, causing the powerful attack. But any spell may no longer be used.

Barbarian Chieftain Patty can critical for up to 8k damage.
** If you kill a Barbarian Witch you will get a buff that helps you fight. Kill one right before you attack Patty.
You will get a Accuracy and attack debuff but loose some dodge

Boss's Name

Spell Description

Boss Barbarian Chieftain Patty

1. Bladeslay; Strike directly when Boss's health is down to 4000.
2. Fierce Swing; Releasing Fierce Swing 2 minutes right after activating Boss, causing sweeping attack damage by 1000 to 2000. More defence will cause less damage.
3.Summon: Activate Boss, summon 3 Barbarian Warriors per 3 sec.

Barbarian Gorilla Guardian (King Kong)
Boss Fight

This boss is probably the easiest one thus far. He heals himself, but nearly fast enough and only deals around 500 damage per hit. You can take turns switching aggro to try and heal, and truthfully... none of your members should die in this fight. Nothing too complicated about fighting him, just go out there and fight to the death hehe.

Cliff Valley Guardian
The Cliff Valley Guardian is in the lions part of this valley. (to the left of the first set of stairs.) You will have to fight your way through about 15 lions until you can fight him, you will be able to spot him pretty easily since he will be a different color then the rest of them.
The guardian will randomly be Male or Female, Black or white. Each of the 4 types has different strengths (read the Monsters Guidefor details )

The easiest way to fight him is your highest dodge/defense attack first, after about 3 hits everyone else joins in. when you are low on health run around in circles until you are healed and then get back into the fighting. Very rarely will he lose aggro on the main person so you just have to stay healed and let everyone else do the attacking for most of the fight.

Barbarian tyrannosaurus guardian (T- Rex)
This boss is hard to get to. I would not attempt it unless in a team. You have to make it past vultures and dinosaurs.
Check the Monsters guide for info on them.
I have not killed T-Rex enough times to give good advice on how to approach him.


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4th Level

Ancient grave

Qualify condition of entering: One team member must have the key to Grave to enter into the 4th Level.
Boss: Grave Robber Dante

Items dropped from Grave Robber Dante:
Accessory including Poseidon Jewelry, Cannon Fight Master's Series, Cannon Fight Expert's Series, various gems of updating the equipment attributes.

When Dante dies, Dante's Ghost/Ghoul spawns.
When Dante's Ghost dies, Dante's Treasure Box will appear. Click and open Dante's Treasure Box for items.

Robber Dante
You only need to kill Boss Grave Robbers Dante (And his Ghost) to progress on to the 5th Level

More about Dante's Door

every door has a number to it, just click on the door and a window will pop up and tell u what the door value is

the sum of the 2 golems is what opens the door. as far as knowing which to choose, let me put it this way
the way the grave is meant to be run, if the doors werent walk through is that u start with the lowest number door at the entrance and work ur way up numerically. a path would be something like this using the picture from the website with the door numbers

HURRICANE ISLAND WALKTHROUGH 20111010_1ed6b44445c5a44a08510E1l7erVfAHI

start at the lowest door and work counting up
so u have doors that are 0, then 4, 7,8,9,14,15,17,18,24,26,41,55 then dante at 60
so u open 0 then 4 then 7 then 8 then 9 and on. the next door u want to open is a product of one golem from each of the last 2 numerically lower door areas.
each door has golems in its area, and each golem is weighted based on the doors its between.
so say u want to open door 41, to get to 41 just went through 26 and 24, so one golem from the 24 area plus a golem from the 26 area will open 41. same with dante, dante is 60 so a golem in the 41 area plus the 55 area will open 60. its that way so u can open the next door using golems in rooms u already have access too.
so what golems to pick, what golems would be in the 24 and 26 areas?
on this map there are 3 doors that have the number of 24 and one door with 26
(I have yet to get a map that has 3 or 4 doors with the same value , which makes door choosing a lot easier as the areas is smaller. - Ele)

HURRICANE ISLAND WALKTHROUGH 20111010_5db22652ab687c9f4220nYyJmqRiRQTN

26 is easy cause its a middle room and the only golem for that zone so its an auto pick, now u have to figure out the other golem with it, which is one circled in red.
now u can go through them all, but using the other doors near the golems to weight them we can filter some
the one on the left in the corner of door 24 and 17 will have a lower value than the one above 24/18 so can eliminate it. same for 24/15

HURRICANE ISLAND WALKTHROUGH 20111010_e40e04301ba5bd8e5c12xPfmtEHNMHl8

so based on the doors to pick and the weighting of the doors around the golems, this would be my guess to open door 41

HURRICANE ISLAND WALKTHROUGH 20111010_7efb31a9a548c03977c4qWcIjAQlhwSP

so area 24 and 26
26 has one golem thats the middle, then 24 i picked 21/41 cause of all the golems around doors 24, it intersects with 41 so it will have a higher value, the two of them should work. if not then still one of the others i circled before would do it.

now do guess dantes room based on this map.
dante is room 60, the next 2 lowest doors around his door are middle 55 and bottom 41. so his door should open with the middle golem and one in the door 41 area

HURRICANE ISLAND WALKTHROUGH 20111010_2f7b6591441f20609497WAnjkILCqwam

so the middle circled in blue and one of them circled in red, based on weighting, id guess one of them that are 41/95


with this in mind the example i gave before
D 26, L 38, R 16, M 24, B 96
dante is 26, next two numerically down are 24 and 16 so u look in those areas, 24 is the middle room so only 1 golem in its are of influence. so next is picking the second golem. Right is next lowest at 16 so this tells me to focus my search on the right side of the area
putting my numbers into that picture u get

HURRICANE ISLAND WALKTHROUGH 20111010_452a22be8e2d739254ccRKjZaaK5TDB6

there are 3 right off that are first choice to try with the middle room, 16/26, 16/96 and the right room 16/? idk what the door below it was.
of them 16/96 seems to high the value would probably be over what i need, 16/26 should be just right, and it was.
the door opened with middle room 26 and the golem 16/26

its really hard to explain in text, i looked around and found the videos that helped me really figure it out
Ancient Grave of Hurricane Island

You may have read how to bug trough the doors, found a topic about how to open the door in some cases.
Ever tought how youl open the door if that doesnt work?

Part 1:

part 2


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5th Level

HURRICANE ISLAND WALKTHROUGH 20111010_73db627547dc6b858faaSgyV7HUU0i55

Qualify Condition of Entering: Kill Boss Dante on the 4th Leveland activate the entrance to the 5th level

Boss: Catlina and Peter

Items Dropped after killing Boss Catlina and Peter: Accessory including Poseidon Jewelry, Cannon Fight Master's Series, Cannon Fight Expert's Series, Rare Gold and various kinds of refining items.
Boss Catlina and Boss Peter are very powerful. Their spells are as shown below:

Boss' Name



Cloud Piercing: Deals 5500 damage and stuns target for 5 sec.
Penetrating Stab: Damages the target by 500 per sec over 60 sec and reduces attack speed by 20%
Debilitate: Reduces SP by 100 per sec over 60 sec
Blood: 680,000


Cripple: Deals 5500 damage and stuns target for 5 sec
Entangling Doom: Causes 2000 damage and also reduces defense and dodge chance great deal,last for 10 minutes.
Blood: 690,000

Boss Peter's defense is not high, but the spell damage and toxin damage are very high. We don't suggest our players to fight with Boss Peter without the protection of the Freeze Helmet. So use the Freeze helmet skill competing with Boss Peter.

Skills in the battle:
Summon Catlina and kill her. One Team Member "A" will utilize the Frozen Hat to call upon Peter from A place to B place. When Peter reaches to B place. Other players will attack on Peter fiercely until the effect of the Frozen Hat is going to run out( There is still 8-10 seconds available to use Frozen Hat).

When Peter's health is down by 1/8,
Team Member A will return to the 5 th Floor which has been marked on the picture. Other players should stop fighting,return to the 4th Floor and prepared for the next round competition. After the first round has completed, Team Member B should follow the step as Team Member A did. And all the members has the chance to do that until Peter dies at last.


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HURRICANE ISLAND WALKTHROUGH 20100126_fa7486e7d4c9a58fd363IqcxnVgbXxy6

Qualified Condition of Entering : Kill Peter
There is no any other monster hidden on the 6th Floor, only 5 slots left there.
Each Slot has 1 Chest. Chest A(1st Chest) will be found at the entrance of the 6th Floor. When you go inside, you can also find other 4 chests (2nd - 5th Chest) which has been placed at random as the name of Chest B, Chest C, Chest D and Chest E.

Open Chest A will obtain the Key to Chest B, then we need to find out Chest B among other 4 chests (2nd -5th Chest).(If you fail to find out Chest B,the key of Chest B will disappear and you will be kicked out the instance; but if you succeed, you can obtain both some awesome prizes and the Key to Chest C. Keep on this step until you seek for the final Chest.

What most people do is run the instance many times and collect at least one of each key.
When you have a pile of keys of all types... then try your luck at the chests.

The game guide mentioned above can only be used as a reference for you. I will not bear any responsibility for any trouble or loss caused by it.

How to walk through doors and confuse Peter

HOW TO WALK DOORS AND CONFUSE PETER Great guide, gunna add the juice cause i think its silly how guarded this info is, especially with the new version coming.

The grave can be quite an annoying part of an HI run, doors are always random and can take you through every single room sometimes. What high lvl players do is use a 'glitch' to walk through the doors when they are closed. The reason this is useful is you can go all the way to the end, find out what # Dantes door is and work backwards. It takes some time getting used to the door walk and it also takes some time getting used to opening Dantes door by doing Golems backwards but it is the perfered and fastest way through.

To do the door walk first you must be walking so push alt + rr and you will begin to walk as if you were overloaded.
Stand in front of the door and zoom in so that you can see the other side of the door(it will become very opaque, almost invisible.
Click to move to the other side and as you start going through the door press alt + rr again to begin running
This will propell you right through the closed door when done right.
(game is uninstalled right now but ill update with screenshots eventually)

Tips/moreinfo: It is best to do this on the corner of the door, if you look the middle doors going upward towards Dante had a small crack on each side that you can see through, this is the easiest place to click on the other side IMO. Side doors can be VERY hard and you can even get stuck in them but after some time you will get the technique down. You MUST be walking when you make contact with the door then you want to revert to running but you can successfully get through a door walking the whole time.

This is touched on in the OP but doesn't make much sense
Although i know some players who can kill Peter in 1 run solo these days this is a great technique for people who think they have no chance on lvl 5 of HI.

When you first enter the scene before you go down the log you'll notice your on a nice sized platform that extends to the right. You can use this corner and agro to get wardancer and Peter stuck trying to attack someone they can't reach.

To do this with wardancer, simply run down the log to the boat and as soon as you see you have agro and he is running for you, turn around run up the log and get into that corner at the top. You'll notice that Wardancer just can't make it up the log, he gets stuck on the ship trying to get to you and will NOT change agro is no one hits him.

You can also use this method to kill Peter before you and your team have the power to face him head on, heres how:
First off you cant be a complete woos and do this, someone in the team NEEDS a freezing helmet and NEEDS to be able to take some damage from Peter and the Maniac Hound(without any special skills though cause your using the freez helm) and do at least a bit of damage on him.
Once Catalina is dead and you have someone up in the top corner keeping Wardancers agro The strongest player with a Freeze Helmet must go down to attack Peter. What you want to do is as much damage as you can to Peter without dying and without your Freezing Helmet skill wearing off. If you are coming low on HP or the skill has 10 seconds left turn and run all the way out of the boat and up the log to the corner.

This originally by 215patient

Peter is now stuck on this persons agro as long as no one does more damage!
The rest of the team can go down, take a look at Peters health and try to do as much damage as you can without getting too close to taking agro. Once you've done that simply leave the scene back to Dante's room and come back to do it again as your Agro will reset with the scene switch.

Tips. If you are doing damage to Peter while someone else has Agro the Maniac hound will start biting you when you are VERY close to drawing Peters Agro, run immediately and pop Freez helm if you have it. Most of the time you wont take the agro but if you do run up the log into the corner and take that spot the other person can now be a damage dealer

again game is uninstalled but i will add screenshots sometime. Any questions just ask i didn't proofread lol


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