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Post  enjotabe on Sat Sep 26, 2009 7:27 am

Small things important but unknown to many

Upgrading your figurehead
~ when upgrading your figurehead the city your in, will give you a bigger
bonus. The higher the city the more you might get from upgrading.

Levelling your ship while its dyed
~ if you have dyed your ship and you want to upgrade it to the next level
the sail colours will go back to the original state, while the dyed hull
colour will remain the same.

Not losing cannons at battles
~ a small thing many people may already know, but for the ones that
don't. When you are about to die in a ship battle, anchor your ship and
putt your cannons in your loading room. Now you won't lose them,
if your ship sinks.

Exp starting to drop
~ when you are using a skill for a long time your exp will start dropping
till its half of what it is used to be. The double exp is reset daily though.
at 10pm GTM.

Other players attack accidentally
~ if you name turned red after accidentally attacking a player or a white
boat, you can use the command "Resipiscence" at the command tab (look
at interaction). Right mouse click on it and wait 3 minutes long. Your
notoriety (look at character tab >>> society) will drop back from one to
zero and your name will turn blue again.

~ when your in a guild you will get salary. The bigger your contribution to
the guild (gained by guild quests) the more salary you will get. Zero
contribution will give you 1k daily and at 10k contribution it will go like this
Common Member: 11k
Executive Officer: 21k
Director: 31k
Vice-Leader: 41k
Leader: 51k
And always remember salary is not taken from guild funds.
(thx to mastertactics)

Repair your ship at sea/offshore
~ Probably 95% of you that read this, already know, but for the others.
When at sea or offshore stop you shop (just stand somewhere at sea or
cast your anchor at offshore / battle scene). Then use the repair button,
can be found at your commands and click onto your ship in the ship tab.
The repair speed will depend on your level (level 61 = 61repair to hull +
61 repair to sail each second).

Sending items with the warehouse
~ at the warehouse you are able to send items to other people's
warehouses. Simple post the article and send it to the right person
(goods / weapons ) may not be traded.

Repairing weapons and armour
~ when repairing a weapon or armour the level of your foundry / sewing
will depend the speed on its repair. When beginning to repair the item it
might lose durability, that depends on if you have the drawing or not. You
are also able to repair at player-owned-shops, same goes for them, if
they have the drawing of the item you want to repair at them it won't lose
any durability. *the maximum durability will be gained back again when
repairing with a drawing*

Stunt points
~ higher level stunt points can only be bought at higher level cities (like
London for all stunt points till level Cool. In total you will gain 8 stunt points
till level 31 and a total of 26 when reaching level 100.

Ship skills
~ your ship skills are not only needed to upgrade your ship, but also add
some extra bonus to your ship every level. Military will give you 10+ hull
and 10+ sail while structure gives you 40+ hull and 5+ load and
maneuverability 20+ sail and ?0,2? speed.

Equipment skills (weapon and armour)
~ some weapons or armour will give you an extra skill. To use them go to
the character tab and right click on the weapon or armour (the skills will
also use SP). The skill is different for different kinds of weapons and

Strenght of the crew
~ when boarding a ship or getting boarded, you will have to fight the other
sailors. The strenght/ammount of your crew depends on the ammount
of sailors (alive and healthy) you have left AND on the defence and
attack of your character. So getting yourself a better outfit will also make
your crew get better in a fight. So having a better outfit and weapon on
ur own character will also make your crew get stronger.

2nd phase skills
~ after alot of work ur skills will get level 31, now there's 2 options, u can
make it 2nd phase (only possible at 8 skills *the last 1 costs 5mill*) or u
dont make it 2nd phase which means u can't get exp anymore, the skill
is still useable thugh. To get ur skill 2nd phased go to a skill totur and
upgrade it.

~ In the game 1 hour is infact 1 minute in real-life, so 1 day will take 24
minutes and 1 month will be 12 hours in real-life, so there's plenty of time
in most of the merchant quests.

~ Go to system > game functions and switch auto-route seek to yes, now
when u want to walk to something like the trader, u only need to press the
right mousebutton twice on the trader in the city-map and ur character
will walk the fastest route to him (without getting stuck at a corner). Might
not work at all times correctly.

Ship speed and sailors
The minimum number of sailors you need to have full speed is half the
(unmodified) maximum number plus 1. More than that doesn't seem to
have any use except redundancy.


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Post  enjotabe on Sat Sep 26, 2009 7:28 am

here are a few ways... (but the most important thing to become rich, no matter in games or in real life, is SAVE! especially when u r just starting.)

easiest way to make money is probably just become a full time logger, miner, tailor and craftsman etc... not gonna talk about these jobs in this post. Most ppl probably are lazy bums like me. but if u can open 2 clients at same time, I strongly recommend.

For warriors:
I'm not sure how to start, but one thing for sure...u must be dirt poor most of the time...
the only way for you to make money is sell figureheads and drawings...
...sell to players of course, u just need eloquence to lvl up ur vending, so just do some high exp merchant quests, ask some merchant ships to help u buy and carry (doesnt matter who bought the goods), u will get lots exp from that, u can pay the helpers with the reward money. PS: eloquence is rly important in this game for all the classes, cuz some storyline quests has that for requirement.
it would be easier if you can train a merchant or a higher lvl life skill guy
More info on making money as a warrior here.

For adventurers:
you should be rich already if u simply have money managing skill, cuz u dont need to spend as much as warriors...but u get lots money and rep from findings

another rly easy way is become a "driver", by changing the fleet mode(in team on highsea) to combined fleet. Lots merchants are more than happy to pay u to give them a ride. =)

For merchants:
1. Trend trades: Basically sell goods in cities that's in trend to get more money and exp. In older servers, usually lot more ppl will be around Asia, so they will announce trends in Asian cities more often. (u can get 1k gold and 1 rep for announce trend, just click the market option on the trader's chat, if u r first one announced it) . Most merchant should know that longer the distance, usually more money, so the best route is cities near Seville <-> cities near Zhigu areas. Not only u get lots money, also because good distant, if u have a lvl 4 or higher adventure ship to drive for u, you can make more than 2 runs, go and back(when u have extra time, u can go Seoul <-> Nagasaki.
2. in new servers, trend trades are very ur options are limited to doing quests...
some quests are ok...but even the 7million gold reward "diplomatic gift" quest isnt rly as good as trend trade from seville to Zhigu...
a quicker way to finish merchant quest is of course ask an adventureship to give u a lift and ask other merchat ships to help u carry.

1. Sell treasures, because there will be lots ppl buying treasures for rep
well, u dont have to be rich to become a treasure hunter...if u want to sell treasures, the best type to sell is lvl 1 because it's cheapest to make and easiest to dig. Btw, this job is actually fun, who doesnt like treasure You can either get the pieces from players or find them urself (hint: secret*wreckage drifter golden route = Dakar <-> Capetown)
see my treasure guide for more info

2. How to save money by skipping upgrade
I bet lots ppl are poor because they spent millions on mats for ship upgrade... for me, I dont rly see why u need to upgrade after each lvl...u can always skip the lvl if u want, a lvl 3 bs can upgrade straight to lvl 5 if the requirements are met, plus save u tons of money. (especially lvl 7,8,9, u will save sooo much from just skipping one lvl)

some ppl think u cant skip lvl if u r an adventurer, because the telescope that u use to find findings require ship lvl...well that's easy to overcome, u can just borrow a higher lvl adventure ship from a friend, now u can equip the high lvl telescope


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