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Wellcomed to our guild.

I give to you some advices about the guild fist and about the game later.


1.- We are a pacific guild, we dont atack to other players or cause problems to others guilds. We need grew up fast and for that is better for you and for the guild that you listen the old players than can help to you....Take a little patience, this is a long long game and funny if you got patience. Some old guild member can to help you but cant run rear you. He or She knows what you need to do or dont for that was you who needs to run rear him till you learn all that she or he can shows to you. Is hard and a waste of time if you dont make this. You are an aprendice not a teacher.javascript:emoticonp('Very Happy') And the teacher is another player...and is his/her choice give to you some help, and spend his time on you. If you are bad aprendice then sure that your teacher left you alone.

2.- In this guild you can get all suits and weaponds for free for that when you need some suit or hat or weapond ask in guild chat and some oficer-director-vice or leader gives to you new stuff and you must give your old for save to another guild member.

3.- This is your guild, even if you are new, like a member you are equal like the leader or any other player...and you can opine-vote or sugest what you want.

4.- Try to register in this forum for get acces to all parts of him. We vote and get discusions abouth the guild here.

5.- Enjoy and fun all you can. This is a game and the games are made it for fun.


Your goal here is to be a strong battle player, for that your principal character need this skills.-

1,. Sea Battle for get a good and powerful ship.

2.- Voyage. Needed for make all ships

3.- Muscle.- For use better suits, weaponds and carry more load.

4.- Eloquence .- For make merchant task and will be rich man and for use
dragon suits. the best in game.

5.- One weapond. And what weapond need to use...
a) Falchion: Good defense and fast atack. Good for pirates
b) Sword:better atack than a falchion but some less fast than a falchion.
c) Axe: Great atack but low defese and slow atack. Good for alts miners and lumbers
cos some times they will be atacked by wild animals.
d) Gun: bad in close combat, bad for muscle, bad only good like secondary weapond, its funny but needs to carry a lot of gunballs.

6.- Ship building: For your main character was good that you can repair by yourself your ship. hig ship is expensive to repair in shipyard boos. you save a lot of silver if you repair with yourself.

7.- Medicine or Another weapond: thats your choice. Medicine is for get more efect in the potions. is not the same cure at 5 than cure at 15 per second. And other weapond is good for change when your fist is almost broken. Or for alternate the tactic combats in land battles. For example shot an animal to apart him from others then use a falchon or sword to kill them more easyly.

8.- Skill thats your choice. but it cost to you 5 millions silver to promote to phase 2.- When you will be reach is not much expensive like seems.

You can learn all you want till lv 31 but at lv 31 the experience stop till you promote to phase 2 in skill tutor. So...take care in your choice cos only 7 skills are free to promote and the 8th cost to you 5 millions.

Then what happen with other skills...well you can make 2 things...or buy IM points with real money (need 300 IM points- see prices in bbo Item Mall) or make others alts...For that needs another e-mail and other register in game. Some players can play 2-3 characters at same time...but it depends of your cpu. Mine cant cos my cpu disconect.

For other alts i recoment the skills 1-5 and then rest 2 or 3 when you get a lot of silver.

MINING-LUMBER alt and even can choice a foundry

FARMING-ALCHEMIST-SEWING alt...if you can buy one auto-planting card...if not was soo hard.

FISHING...That skill is good for get sea mats, needed for a lot of things like weaponds, suits, figure ships, figure upgrades or even for sell to another 6 cold iron - eagle wood I/EW can be selled at 6.000 silver per u.- lv 7 CI/EW can be selled at 7.000 per u. - lv 8 at 8.000 and lv 9 for 25.000 or more- lv 10 normal to 100.000 and rare CI/EW for 350.000 each one...but hard to collect. If your alt dont needs a good battle ship then is a good choice change sea battle for this.

Read the guides for know how be rich or how get the mats that you needs...if dont do this then you can spend a lot of time for example getting lumber in athens when you can get sup. timber in other citys, or spend a lot of time in athens or alex killing animials that dont give to you much silver and exp.

Visit instructors....they are in these citys:

- Athens : All instructors gives to you a task from lv 1 to 11 there was combat instructor-miniing isntructor-alchemy instructor-sewing istructor- trade instructor.....
- Seville : for lv 11-21 - change the name of some isntructors...logistic instructor and production instructor- trade instructor and combat instructor dont change the name.
- London: for lv 21-31 remember now to promote the skill if you needs and want.
- Dakar: For lv 31-41
- Madeira: For lv 41-51
- Las Palmas: For lv 51-61

then no more instructors and you needs to choice your way to lv up.

... if you atack one white sail then you got bad amity with the country owner of the ship then his patrols, frigates and battle ships will go to sunk to you and put in jail. was hard stay in jail for one- two - or more hours...AND DONT ATACK OTHER PLAYERS...then you put in pink and even other players can atack to you for stole your stuff. And even someone can put price to your head and players go to hunting you and take the reward...if your in pink then patrols and guards can kill you too and put in jail.- the fist penalty was put to you in pink, the second put to you in red..then you will be lost.

You can be pirate...but pirate needs a good ship and good stuff for kill patrols, frigates and high and good armed merchants. Dont be pirate till you get almost lv 9-10 battle ship- lv 9-10 suilt - lv 9-10 weapond...if not...was a hard hard hard life.

Ask in guild chat all that you needs to know...but take a look at the guides fist...if you get doubts or dudes then ask- Expert players know much than you and even than me.

Repeat...this is a long long long and funny patient cos you cant be a strong player in one week...if you are impatient ...then better choose another game.

Enjoy and be fine...if someone got another advices then reply this post...i dont konw all of this game...

Very Happy


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Post  enjotabe on Fri Oct 02, 2009 7:36 am

if you like the game then try go download the ALMANAC...a good one tool for the game with a lot of help you can find it in the forum...SOFTWARE. clik on it and you find the link to know more about of this important program...

Another important program that will be funny was the voice chat but seems noone interested in talk with voice with other guild members...perhaps in the future. You can find it in SOFTWARE section too with a little guide by pictures to configure them...if not the way more easy is talk with enjo. he explain to you how go to our chat voice when you downloaded.fist.


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