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Post  enjotabe on Fri Oct 02, 2009 6:31 am

Little by little i try to make this post, if someone konws the other task then post it, please.

In Resum, you can find in Athens port that instructors.

- Combat instructor, to lv up fast your weapond and some your muslcle
- Sewing instructor. to explain sewing task show to you how made cloths and give to yo some mats and exp. level.
- mining instructor: the same with mining
- logging instructor: the same with lumbering.
- forgin instructor: the same with forgin.
- alchemy instructor:the same with alchemy.
- ship buiding instructor: the same with ship building
- trade instructor: the same with merchant task.
- planting instructor: the same for farmers.

All these instructors teach and help to you to get fast and easy lv 1 till 11 experience skill. A way to lv up fast and dont loose much time making bored works at the beggining.

For go to them fist you must learn the skill in the skill Tutor.

When your reached lv 11 or more in Athens then the instructor send to you to Seville, the next stop. There change the name of instructors.

- Combat instructor.. was the same
- Merchant instructor...was the same.
- Logistic instructor...includes alchemy, farming, sewing
- Production instructor...includes mining, metal, dont remember well. I complete in few days.

In Seville you can learn fast from lv 11 to 21

Next stop London 21-31 and same that Seville
Next Dakar after you upgraded to phase 2 your skills. 31-41
Next Maderira 41-51
And last for the moment Las Palmas 51-61

in the next post i put one by one all instructors task but needs some days to do that, if someone else can help then i be glad.


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Post  enjotabe on Fri Oct 02, 2009 6:59 am

COMBAT INSTRUCTOR TASK - under construction -

1 ATENS . lv 1-11

Choose a weapond from skill tutor - never a gun - and then go to talk with Combat instructor.

The fist task was kill crabs and collect 5 pincers, when you done then submit. Was a good chance get the task from Ares warrior task in atens - up rigth Athens city -for get some extra-silver. was a task choosen a task to kill crabs too...about 8 pincers here. but that task gives to you some silver and some rep. too.

Second task before you talk alone whit him and a little joke (kill 100 goats) he send to you to kill 5 goats and 1 Bellwetler to Atens suburb. Kill them and return.

Third task, and last, kill depresed poet, far away the sububrs, in top of clim left side was the depresed poet, buy fist some healining potions at alchemy into the city cos was really hard. And go to kill him.

Surprise you get more than 11 lvs in the weapond that you choice.

2,. SEVILLE. 21-31

he gives to you 2 kinds of task.

A) kill 5 lord wolfs: Really hard: Gives to you the emblem of courage, a jewel with extra-hp and defense- and hat lv 3.- Only appears that task 1 time.

B) Kill 5 each wolfs...5 white, 5 jackals, 5 exp. level. You must make it 3 times this task to get lv 31 in your weapond.

if wolf drop fangs take it for autentificate them and get silver and rep.

SEA TASK: for sea battle 11-21

A) Destroy 5 golden eyes in Gibraltar Battle fiel - Gives to yo some cannons lv 4
b) destroy some golden eyes and some iron...not sure at this moment.

LONDON 21-31

LAND TASK accept all 3 at same time and same place...Sicily island.

- Kill some killer bees - if drops stings take for autentificate.
- kill some wild boards. - if drops fangs the same-
that tasks gives to you the badge of courage, suit lv 4 and all weaponds lv 4 - falchion-sword-gun-axe. for so, try to get a lot of load and space before you submit or you cant submit for deficient space or load into your character.

- kill 10 frogs of each. but only 10 poison, 10 toad, 10 bull. if drop legs take it for autentificate. Needs to make 3 times this task to get lv 31

When you finished, then go to instructor and promote your weapond to phase 2-

SEA BATTLE TASK. Every time you submit gives to you some canons lv 5 - Needs to go to Oslo Battle field to kill some pirates there- golden eyes and Falcons- lv 4-5 ships.

DAKAR 31-41

LAND BATTLE: Send to you to Mallorca.
- Kill some bats: gives to you all weaponds lv 5 and hat lv 5
- kill 10 bears of each, except rabid one. 5 grizlys, 5 brown, 5 black- if drops his hands then take it to aut. Needs to make this task 3 times to get lv 41

SEA BATTLE...not sure...

MADEIRA: 41-51.
Only one task but really hard and bored...kill 50 phantom bats and 25 black bats. take his fangs.
Sea battle i tink that send to you to oslo but not sure.

last task...send to you to crete laberint to kill a lot of single arms skeletons and dry skeletons. drops skulls to autentifique...seems easy, but skeleton swrodman round there and was a f...hard monster. Go with good hp potions, ask for them in guild chat.

Sea batle. Send to you to Cape battle field. Lv 5-6 pirate ships.

i complete when i can in next days.


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Post  enjotabe on Fri Oct 02, 2009 7:28 am


ATHENS 1- 11

- fIst time buy a ship at shipyard boss, rebuild into merchant and rename to diferecne it to your others ships. then go to trade instructor and start the task.

The instructor send to you to train merchant task to the city till lv 6 - Was easy if you go to Ares merchant in Athens and make all task that you can make into atens- See merchant task guild. You only needs to run to trader buy or sell the goods and return runing to the ares to submit...when yo finish the some task there - not venice, not go to other city-

Go to istambul Ares merchant and make the same that Athens, only make the task in the city not to sail to other citys.
Go next to alex...and next to Beirut...then you saw that you reached lv 11 easyly.

SEVILLE lv 11-21

Tells to you that gives to him some wool fabric...go to lisbon with your merchant and buy the all the requeriment...ALL boxes- no one more no one less- and submit...

Repeat the task till he tells to you to buy some chinese porcelain...then go to Beirut and carry all the porcelain...ask to someone in guild to gives to you team cos pirates atack to you but if you are in team only atacks at team leader...if he was in land the pirates cant atack him...hehehehe.

LONDON 21-31

bring to him 20 scorpion venom from reapetable for soo if you can or make with other player, carry multiples of 20. gives to you spy cards...and think you need 4 submits to lv up till 31. Spy card is for spy what are the goods in fashion in one city and then you can buy it and sell it a real good and hig price at the city that you spyed.- Seems important but i drop and destroy those spy cards hehehehe. rubbish.

Rember promote phase 2 when finish.

DAKAR 31-41

- IMPORTANT TASK...after you finish London and go with your merchant to Dakar, stop fist at Seville, buy 5 mirrows- stop next in las palmas - buy 5 wheat- and stop in dakar, buy 5 marihuana, needs lv 5 purchasin stunds buyed with skill points from eloquence at skill tutor. Accept the fist task at trade instructor and submit- he gives to you COMPRESED PROVS.

- Second task and bored task...go to muscat and buy 24 datura...or multiples..24-48-86...repeteable till lv 41

MADEIRA 41-51 reward double wind speed with each submit

For here ask in guild chat who can make this task with you, its important that you trip in team cos i said before, and important to go with 2 or more player to make this task...why?..cos needs to carry 5 amber gris- 5 rose oil and 5 marihuana...dont sure the number. then all go to Semarang ...far away in asia...and buy all you can...needs 8 submits. return to madeira...then ask in guild chat that one member stay with his merhant afk or disconected in madeira...pass to him all amber...and then go to buy some rose oil to amsterdam, some marihuana to dakar...and return and ask to player in afk or disconected that gives to you 5 amber...and submit, go again to get rose oil to amsterdam...more now, maria...dakar...and the same...
Its more easy go to amsterdam or Dakar than a Semarang...And sure that you find one guild member that can help to you.

LAS PALMAS 51-61 reward doble velocity speed with each submit

Same but now change amber gris from datura ...again muscat...was 6 datura -8 rose oil- 8 marihunana...6x8 = 48 datura thing was enought for finish.


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