TREASURES LV 2 and superiors

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TREASURES LV 2 and superiors Empty TREASURES LV 2 and superiors

Post  Admin on Mon Nov 23, 2009 12:24 pm

When you get one treasure map lv 2 dont use to appears in wich city was the treasure. Then you must watch well the treasure map clicking on it - right click and then use this link for chek all maps off all citys where you can find it.

Seems hard but with time you can find it

this is the link, click on it and chek one by one the citys

BECAREFULL SOMETIMES WITH TREASURES LV 2-3 USE TO APPEARS A MONSTER. pirate island- crete laberint- piramid....ask for help if you are yet a low player cos if monster appears and you cant kill him the treasure can be stolen for the fist player who kills the monster.

For example in Crete laberint use to appears a witch not much hard
in Piramid a Lizard or Pharohs guard....really hardest.
in corsica sometimes appears a Pirate ...never found it by me but think was hard
and in others maps i know that appears a gladiator or other monster.

Try to ask in guild chat, veterans players use to know the maps and can help to you


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