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1.- KILLING PIRATES IN SEA BATTLE...more hig pirates more rep...everytime that you sunk a pirate ship in  battle ship you win some rep...depends of your lev...and depends of the pirate lv. from 0-50

2.- MAKING TREASURES: was the fast way if you get lucky but is too the fast way to loose all your silver if you dont take care...

3.- MAKING TASK...some taks in game gives to you rep. ares, merchant...you can see the guides for know more about it

4. MAKING DISCOS with a raider ship...when you autentificate the discovery you get rep. and some silver.

5.- BUYING TITLES AT SILL TUTOR...go to skill tutor and choose...skills, stunds...TITLES...
choose titles...each skill you get you can buy some titles there...in fact was the cheapest way to get rep...there are the lv skill you need and the rep. that gives and the silver that needs to pay.

AT LV 11 (for example sea battle) 3.500 silver and 35 rep.
AT LV 31 ----You pay 60.000 for the title and gives to you 600 rep
AT LV 51---- You pay 280.000 silver and gives 2.800 rep.
AT LV 71----  you pay 840.000 silver for 8.400 rep
AT LV 91----  1.8 millions for....18.000 rep....

you can think...wow to expensive...think that one treasure that gives to you 18.000 rep. use to be selled or buyed for 10-12 millions ...

6.- killing monsters...when you kill one animal or one monster they use to drop sometimes an items to autentificate it...for example wolfs drops fangs, frogs drops legs, bees tings...etc.
only needs one, you cant autentificate 2 or more times the same animal...you cant autentificate 2 times a wolf lord if you get 2 lord wolf fangs...only one time. For autentificate a animal needs to see it fist and get the item.

7.- taking some plants and shells....alchemy plants use to gives rep when you autentificate it, yo can see when you get coffe plant for example that a picture appears like one discos...that was cos you can autentificate coffe...and reishi, and isatis root...etc...

All shells gives to you rep the fist time that you take one. shells are in all the beachs and others appears when you are fishing...try to ask to fishers in guild to give to you some rare shells or try to go to diferent citys or island to ge new shells....NOT ALL THE CITYS have a sand...only in sand appears the shells and only in the morning...the shells disapears soon till next morning... you can chek fishing guides for know all the shells and where are they.

8.- EVERY TIME YOU DIE you loose rep...bercarefull you can get the title of disgracefull if you die when you just finished to buy the new noble rank or if you die a lot of times...

Think was all or almost im tyred lol


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