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When you started the game you appears now at Athens. Fist thing you must make was go to NPC in the dock called ADIS ... he got an ? upon with him and choose a profesion...What profesion you must choice...For the low time that i was playing i see that you must choice the profesion according the weapond you like it and the most you like in game... In resumen..

- Royal Military Oficer : RMO...for the people that like sea battles and like the sword. The skills that you can upgrade in this profesion enable you to be a good with the sword and in Sea Batlle.

- Empery Guardian : EG .... for the people that likes the land battles.. in this profesion you can learn falchion-sword and axe...any all are goods. This is the most powerfull land battle character in game and all the skills provide you more and more streng in land battle...
For Sea battles was a little weak cos was like a marine, was good for aboard other ships...but weak in one-to-one gunery ship combat.

- Caribean Pirate: CP....for the people that like sea battles and land not the better character in both cos R.O was more good in sea and E.G more good in land but pirates are good in both combats... Pirate can use falchon, sword and axe. Choose the weapond that you more like it.

- Treasure Hunter: TH...For the people that likes the guns and pistols. Have the problem that he use a gun and i dont like much this weapond cos have a bad defense and ever needs carry a lot of ammo but in team this character helps a lot and gunners kill fist a monster that an other character cos he dont need to run to choose a hunting. In sea battle have a good raming and seems was good in lond distances, but seems weak like a EG.

- Armed Bussinesman: This character use a gun too, was like a doctor for help the team mates and cure sailors. In team was good to be one AB cos he can heal all team members fast. And this help a lot in siedges and instances.

Think well what you want do cos when you choose one profesion i think that you cant change in future.

Every Character have a new and diferente stuff - pirates suits, guardian suits....- but you can use the old ones too called infantry suits. The diference betwin the old and new suits are that you can repare all infantry suits with an other player good in sewing and new suilts cant be repaired but all mosters drops a lot of them. And even you can buy them cheap in the city tailors.

About new and old weaponds...was the same, you can use old -infantry- or new...infantry can be repaired and the others cant...but you can buy them cheap in black smith.

Was nice level up fast with the new task but need lev up too your muscle and your skills, remember the instructors. They are good to to lv up your skills, more muscle gives to you better defense.

For main character i suggest to be or Royal, or Guardian or Pirate...dependind, for an alt...if this alt was a miner or lumber i sugest the axe weapond and or pirate or EG, for lv up the axe skills...i sugest this cos when you were afk mining or lumbering monsters use to atack you...and you in this moment are using a pic or axe...if you got good skill in axe you can defend your self better than if you choose another weapond.

For an alt that makes potion was a good option be an Armed Merchant, cos alwas got a lot of potions for use in others players... BUT REMEMBER THIS IS MY POINT OF WIEW an i am an human and can be worse. heheheh.

- Remember, if you have a dude beter was ask than make a mistake.

NOW YOU CAN CREATE A NEW CHARARCTERS IN THE SAME ACCOUNT...4 FOR ACCOUNT...THE NEWS CHARACTERS CREATED HAVE A 2 NEW SHIPS CALLED CARABELAN - LAND STAR - NAVIGATION STAR... you can create a new character to pas to your main character the navigation star, good figurehead that now you can upgrade free when you make a task in game,

Land star good suit for more load and for use in the begining till you can use a intensified labor suit.

New really fast, I suggest that you dont upgrade this ship till you reached lv 4-5-6 battle ship, or even merchant, was a really good ship for the beguiners, when you use an upgrade navigation star you can put in this ship more than 100 cannons"!!!!..

Good for take a fast trip to asia to make maps hehehe. And cheap repairs in doker. 1 silver coin.

Rember ask in guild chat all you want but please, but see too this guides in our forum fist. Thanks and good hunting.



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