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After you choosed a profesion then you start to get task for the npcs - no players characters-
you cant sail off from athens till you reached lv 12-13 in profesion for this try to lev. up in hurry.

I write here the problematic task and the bugs that i see in game...think that put all task here and his rewards was a silly job cos they are easy to make and necesary to lv up your character.

Only an important athens was a task that tells to you to choose a merchant allyance. remember that we are iberian merchant. if you choose another then the game put you out off the guild.

All Task in atens are easy and think no problems or bugs in them..for that i dont said more...

In Creta inland and offshore ask for help if you needed, always is a pirata member near to Athens to help you.

The fist bug is in Seville, when you finished the wolfs task in seville, next task tells to you that you need to go to SEVILLE TRADER....and nothing happens....its a bug...dont is seville trader is STOCHOLM TRADER...this task gives to you a good weapond...dont seems more good at begining, but in the next task the reward was 99 items to upgrade this weapond lv 1. Never sold this weapond cos in time you can upgrade more and more....even if sometime was brokened dont sell it, think you can repair with IM items. In time you will be millonaire and then you can spend some of your silver in buy this items for others players.

There is a task in Hamburg that tells to you to help other merchant allyance, you can choice or islandis - alexandria, or duches - amsterdam- I choosed duches...more close for Hamburg. But if you choose islandis remember that its another must said your merchant aliance, for so, when you finished and the task tells to you bring the chart to islandi merchant...ITS YOUR MERCHANT this case, Iberian merchant in lisbon.

next task with problem that i see was in las palmas...when said to you that you must kill some Africans pirates .... dont needs to do nothing, only sail off - hig seas and be near las palmas...soon you see a blue sails pirate that atacs to you...Kill them, these are the African pirates...

In Dakar is the same, the problem here is that one of these pirates drop a letter or chart...needs kill one, and one, and one more till one ship drops something...the letter...then choose bring the chart to the merchant allyance... if you choosed islandis bring that to alex...if you choosed duch...bring to amsterdam..

Another task in Faial ...a very hard for low levels battle ships....ask for help, need to kills flag ships till one of them drops something, then run to catch it and pray to dont be killed lol.
Once you get the item droped quit your canons if you cant escape then you dont loose more of them.

When you finished the help merchant, you be able to star hamburg ship rebuilding...this task gives to you the gems for rebuild the navigation star... lol! Remember or read fist steps this forum for to know how get one or more free

this task was enough for upgrade 3 figures...remember, for a merchant only needs a navigation star with hig load...dont upgrade more cannons or more sailors or your merchant ship will need more food to feed them...only upgrade load capacity in the navigation star for a merchant.

For raider and for a battle ship upgrade at max the figure...hehehe.

Once you finished this task you must go to kill gorilas....hard if you dont have lv to make it...remember cant be a good and powerfull warrior in 2 days...this is a long long patient...when you cant with a task...just breathe and go to make another. Was full of task. - merchant task, instructors task, story line task, discovery task, warrior alliance task....-

Before Congo jungle and some tryps you must carry storm drum..and go to mozambique for start the task from wilfred...killilng pirates in mozambique, mogadisho, aden, cape...when you finished needs to give this drum to wilfred to make a party ...hehehee...and he gives to you a ring that can be upgrade....but becarefull the jewels are 99 some of them fails, some of them gives to you negative points and others positive...i sugest to you that if you refined the ring with +6 then stop...and dont use more this jewel...and try the next jewel and the same...

i reached +7 but i continued refined cos i dont know what happen...then gives to me negative...-6 -5 +6 - last i spend all my jewels and ongly get a ridiculous +2

Before that task needs comes the make task till you reached one in genoa that you need make malta instance...buffffffffffffffff---time to forget this task till you got a good lv 8-9-10 battle ship...was soooooooo hard to many pirates ships, to many wawes....and soo hard boss...i stoped now there....when i can continue i will post more things hehehehe.


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