2 nice new task in quanzou

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2 nice new task in quanzou Empty 2 nice new task in quanzou

Post  Admin on Mon Dec 07, 2009 12:49 pm

there was 2 npc in Quanzou that gives to you a task all days.

1.- Supprime pirates: was an npc at port ...dont remember his name...was at left side. This NPC gives to you that task. consist in go to a new batte field close from mogadisho and destroy 15 pirates ships...that ships are lv 10!!! try to goo in team if your ship is lv 7-8-9. they are very hardest. and try to dont go more closse to the middle battle field.

Gives to you a lot of sea battle i think 10 millons and 2 rare gold.

Try to stop fist in mogadisho, if you die dont returns till Quanzou.

2.- Silk trade route: From another NPC in Quanzou betwin the docker and the other NPC that i said up. Just in the middle of port. Needs accept the task then submit and then that NPC gives to you the special silk. Use the north pass to go fast to europe. Stop in Espada colony to buy more food and seell all your ammo, pirates dont atack to you using this pasage. and full your ship of food. I use to stop fist in Seeward to buy food

When you back to europe sail till Lisbon, and submit the task to Russell.

The reward was 500 K silver or more, dont remember, and 8 millions of eloquence...


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