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The best way to level your profession and getting Rare Gold for better Jewels is to make Instances every day.To get the xp and Rares you need to accept the daily quest (you can do them only once a real day) and submit the it after the boss is killed. Every instance need also a certain profession level and there are 6 Land and 1 Sea-Battle instance (Malta level 1-3, Quest-Giver in Genoa). Here i will introduce only the land instances.

All the bosses of the instances may drop a extra Rare Gold.

There is now a new feature that allows you to teleport a teamplayer to one of the instances. But it cost you something and there is a level limitation:

Mallorca/Crete: 200.000 (Over level 100 no teleportation possible)
Mada/Bombay: 800.000 (teleporter and the player teleported need level 80-120)
Beijing: 1000.000 (teleporter and the player teleported need level 80?-120)
Maya: 1000.000 (teleporter and the player teleported need level 80?-120)
and also:
Hurricane Island: 1000.000 (dk the lvl requirement here)

There is also a cooling time, so you can teleport a teamplayer only every 3 hours or beeing teleported every 3 hours too (maybe beeing teleported is only 1hour...) and you have to be at High-sea to be teleported:
And if you thinking of making trend runs, forget it, you cant be teleported with goods in ship.

Crete Instance:
Required Prof. Level: 25
Rare Gold: 1
costs: 1m
Prof. XP: 8m
Dropped Stuff: Ordinary Weapons Level 11-51,Level 7-10 Jewels, Landtiger/Seawolf Jewels from Mino.

It costs 1m and takes a bit time due to the long labyrinth ways if you are not high-level. But if you kill the last boss "Black Widow" you may get a Crete Skeleton Charm (a bit rare) which you equip and go to the Skeleton NPC, which give a map (lasting time: 2min) and you can enter level 2. There are skeletons and a Mino (got much HP and is stronger than black widow) that give you good XP and good Jewels.

Mallorca Instance:
Required Prof. Level: 25
Rare Golds: 1
costs: 0
Prof. XP: 8m
Dropped Stuff: Ordinary Suits and HatsLevel 15-55, Level 7-10 Jewels.

Mobs are almost as strong as crete mobs, but its shorter. Boss is Giant Lizard.

Madagascar Instance:
Required Prof. Level: 50
Rare Golds: 2
costs: 0
Prof. XP: 12m
Dropped Stuff: Ordinary Weapons Level 61-71, Weapons Drawings level 61-71.

Madagascar is much harder than the europe instances mallorca and crete. You should be able to do it in a team with an AB and you tank should have enough accuracy to hit the boss or use Axe skill Thunder Hack. Boss here is Caveman chief.
There is sometimes a Chameleon,which rarly drop level 53 Jewels.

Bombay Instance (Taj Mahal):
Required Prof. Level: 50
Rare Golds: 2
costs: 0
Prof. XP: 12m
Dropped Stuff: Ordinary Suits Level 61-71, Suit and Hat Drawings level 61-71.

Bombay is almost same hard as Madagascar but it takes here bit longer than mada like crete and mallorca (long labyrinth ways like crete).

Beijing/Zhigu instance (in Suburb at Imperial Mausoleum):
Required Prof. Level: 80
Rare Golds: 3
costs: 2m outside + 1.5m inside instance
Prof. XP: 30m
Dropped Stuff: Ordinary Weapons level 81-91, Ord. Suits and Hats level 85-95, Weapon Drawings level 81-91, Suit and Hat Drawings level 85-95. and now he drops rare ore.

This instance is now much harder than Bombay or Mada and takes even for High-level Player 30-45min. An AB in team is required otherwise you won't be able to do it. To kill or just hit the boss Protection Beast (there are 3 beasts so you may do the quest with more than 5 players without starting a new map) you need at least 600 Accuracy and a lot of Damage Reduction to tank the beast

Maya Instance (in Salinas):
Required Prof. Level: 120
Rare Golds: 3-15 (+bosses drop)
costs: 35m
Prof. XP: 0
Dropped Stuff:
-Ordinary Weapons level 100+,
-Suits and Hats level 105+,
-Weapon Drawings lvl 100 +,
-Suit and Hat Drawings lvl 105+,
-Ordinary Drill Stones (green ones, you can exchange 10 same type and 10m for 1 Superior Drill Stone same type at Seville Material Exchanger).

Maya instance is the hardest instance of all and players do it to get many Rare Golds and the 115 and 120 Drawings. Normally there are 3 NPCs in the instance which give you 3 quests that give you 3, 5 and 7 Rares. But they arent allways available. Sometimes there are even none ! But there are 3 bosses that still can drop Rares. You should have at least 700 Accuracy and even 800 for the last boss Mayan King + a Freezing Helmet for all. When they have ca. 50% HP left you need to activate it or they can kill you instantly with their special skill. You need much experience anyway to find out the right tactic. An AB in team is also recommended here or even necessary.


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