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There are some diferent jewels in the game. These jewels gives to you pluses with atack, defense, etc...each jewel gives to you diferent pluses.

The most important thing is that you can pimp the jewels to ugrade his skills on defense etc...

PROFESION JEWELS UNDER LV 71... They can be pimped with the blue cristals...dont remember now the name...some of them gives pluses to sp other gives pluses in HP.


Those ones are needed special gems or stones to pimp. Yo can get it trading the pirate-non-pirate jewels in an NPC at sevilla called GREAT CRAFTSMAN FOLAN, for example, all jewels that drops the monsters in mallorca or in Crete instance and some bosses

This is what you can get trading these jewels to the NPC..

# Agate
# Red Diamond
# Blue Diamond
# Diamond
# Black Diamond la imagen es igual que la del diamond

Each gem can be used to pimp diferent things

# Agate - "agate" - Refines: Attack, Defense
# Red Diamond - "red diamond" - Refines: Attack, Defense, Accuracy, Dodge
# Blue Diamond - Refines: Attack, Defense, Accuracy, Dodge, HP
# Diamond - diamond - Attack, Defense, Accuracy, Dodge, HP, Damage Frequency, Damage Upper Limit, Passivity Skill Hap
# Black Diamond Attack, Defense, Accuracy, Dodge, HP, Damage Frequency, Damage Upper Limit, Passivity Skill Hap.

All this its more complicated to explain, cos there are different kinds of gems or stones...

* Crude: 10% Success 5% Fail
* Common: 20% Success 10% Fail
* Smooth: 35% Success 20% Fail
* Flawless: 20% Success 0% Fail

So, can be Crude diamon, comon diamond, smooth diamon and flawless diamond. etc..

Once i get some gems or stones How i can use it ...?

Remember that these gems-stones are for profesion jewels +71...dont try spend them in bad jewels.

Each kind of gem gives to you certain max. pimp...when you reached it then the gem dont works...

# Agate: Maximum +4 Attack or +6 Defense
# Red Diamond: +8 attack, +12 defense, +6 accuracy or +3 dodge
# Blue Diamond: +12 attack, +18 defense, +10 accuracy, +5 dodge rate or 150 HP
# Diamond: Diamond: +16 attack, +24 defense, +14 accuracy, +7 dodge rate or 250 HP
# Black Diamond: +24 attack, +36 defense, +22 accuracy, +11 dodging rate or 450 HP (Unconfirmed: +7 for Upper Limit, Damage Frequency and Passivity --- based on Ivens Jewelry when we could still see it.)

For Exemple ...i get - bought one defensive signet...and in mallorca instance the monsters droped to me one jewel lv 8 pirate, Then i go till seville, and trade it for a gem and he gives to me one flawless agate... As i said, its flawless...then he dont give reduccion if not succes..I use to pim the defensive...and get lucky then ...he gives to me plus +2 in atacK..then supose that you get 3 flawless agate....I use the second one and gives to me +2 in atack...The defensive signet now get +4 atack...Its the limit...then spend the 3rd agate flawles can be a silly thing, cos only gives to you pluses in defense never more in atack.

Now imagine the signet with +4 atack and i want to pimp it with one Red diamond crude...i can get pluses in atack, defense, la accuraci and doge, but i got a 10 per cent to succes and 5 % that it gives to me -

Atack +2 ....10 %
Atack -2 .....5 %
Defense +2....10 %
Defense -2....5 %
Acuracy +2 ....10 %

if the jewel get the max pluses than the gem can pimp it dont use it...


Atack +12
Defense +6
acuracy +4
dodge +2

If i use it to pimp , in atack the probability that gives to me +2 its 0 , cos i get the max that this gem can gives, the probabilitys will be this ones...

Atack +2 0 % ...i get the max +12
Ataque -2 5 %
Defensa +2 10 %...etc....capisci?


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