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The in game quest ticker does not count Barcelona as the first town
Starter town is Barcelona, you need to make sure you have 1 item slot
open and 50k silvers, Accept the Quest and procced to Seville.
Town #1 is Seville
Town #2 is Lisbon (sry this one got copied over when i pasted from notepad)
Town #3 is London
Town #4 is Oslo
Town #5 is Maderia
Town #6 is Luanda
Town #7 is Cape Town
Town #8 is Mozembique
Town #9 is Sri Lanka
Town #10 is Mallaca
Town #11 is Tourane
Town #12 is Semerang
Town #13 is Bombay
Town #14 is Las Palmas
Town #15 is Istanbul
Town #16 is Athens (STOP HERE AND GO TO BARCELONA IF YOU ONLY NEEDS COMPRESED PROVS ... Just finish athens then sail to barcelona, and exchange your 16 papers for 50 k compresed box once you get it cancel the quest and accept again if you want to do it again)
Town #17 is Venice
Town #18 is Barcelona

(side Rewards if u turn in the numberd paper to guy in Barcelona)

Low lvl-healing potion #1 paper---------------1<----number on the paper during quest
Low lvl-healing potion #1 paper---------------2
Low lvl-recovery potion #1 paper--------------3
Low lvl-recovery potion #1 paper--------------4
Low lvl-incintatia potion #1 paper------------5
Low lvl-incintatia potion #1 paper------------6
secondary lvl-healing potion #1 paper---------7
secondary lvl-recovery potion #1 paper--------8
secondary lvl-incintatia potion #1 paper------9
lvl 1 rage medicament-------------------------10
lvl 1 cuirass medicament----------------------11
lvl 1 accuracy medicament---------------------12
lvl 1 sensitive medicament--------------------13
Compressed provisions-------------------------14 about 30k-40 k dont remember
Compressed provisions-------------------------15 about 40k- 50 k dont remember
Compressed provisions-------------------------16 about 50 k-60 k dont remember

Group of 3 people each got 500k silvers for the *random* reward

Reward : Transglobal Navigator title + random reward


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