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Legend :
A - active - you will get a new skill and icon that can be activated from the command window or assigned to quick slot/keys
P - positive - improves a skill or stunt
RMO - Royal Military Officer
EG - Empire Guardian
CP - Caribbean Pirate
TH - Treasure Hunter
AB - Armed Businessman

*Please take note of "possible points allocation / total points options"
as these numbers represent how many points are given for each category
(sea battle, land battle and production) and the total options available
for allocating. For example in Sea Battle for Royal Military Officer
you are allowed 35 points but have 83 options for spending/allocating
points at job level 120. Empire Guardian has 20/42 possible allocated
points at job level 120.

Production tree is the same for every job so here it is. --- 5 points max

Caribean Pirate
SEA --- 28 points max
LAND --- 28 points max

Treasure Hunter
SEA --- 28 points max
LAND --- 28 points max

Royal Military Officer
SEA --- 35 points max
LAND --- 20 points max

Emperor's Guardian
SEA --- 20 points max
LAND --- 35 points max

Armed Buisnessman
SEA --- 28 points max
LAND --- 28 points max


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