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the Armed bussinesmand is a great healer...then you must keep in mind always this....its not a good fighter...if you compare with other profesions...but...he use cabinets...and its like you try to empty the sea with a hit him ...but he heals him and hit to can hit 10 he can heal 10....imposible to kill but he is atacking you and you each time get less hp...daaaaaaammm.

The bad neews is that cabinets are not cheap..then this guy needs a lot of cash...for so its Armed bussinesman...needs a lot of merchant task cos need a lot of cash.

In theory the game said than he needs to use gun....nahhhhhhhhhhh....not true...USE OR FALCHION OR SWORD... Falchion gives more defense...that means les cabinets...Sword gives more acuracy but less defense...that means les hits to kill one monster...then....choose what you likes but or falchon or sword... the gun always like secondary weapond but NEVER NEVER NEVER as a main weapond.

The theory is than an AB is needed for any team in instances cos he use to heal the other members...but an AB is not a free healer...and not all times can be one AB far and other member tank the monsters...and its really bored watch how your friends atack to one monster and you are far healing them ... and shooting the gun...and never get the drops.

This char is exceptional like and alt...then no problem to use them like a healer or bodyguard.

LAND SKILLS... as i said its a doctor...not really a gunner fighter. then concentrate all his skills in heal.

Then is very simple....FIST AID...FAST HEAL ...Then forced to get others....PRIOR RESTRICTION for example...till you can continue with GROUP HEALING and MEDICAL KNOWLEDGE.

The others i let them to your choice. alt still is not lv 120 lol.


He dont have to much good skills in sea only needs keep in mind to get all fast than you can EMERGENCY SOLUTION AND DAMAGE CONTROL ...after that i choose from him is get good repairs from sailors and ship...MEDICAL ROOM and ADITIONAL ARMOUR...then next i left them to your choice .


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