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LAND SKILLS in this order...

1st Falchion skills 5/5

2nd Lighting Slash..5/5

3rd. Enhanced Fury slash 1/1

4th. Enhanced Power Slash 1/1

5 th Enhanced Soul of Sabre 1/1 All these points gives to you more power with the falchion.

Impertinence. 2/5 impertinence is really good skill when you are in
team and the monsters DONT ATACK to you...use impertinence gives extra
power to hit and damage the monster but be sure that they dont atack to
you cos your defense will be really low and they can make to you really
hig damage. this point you will spend 15 points...time
then to get FOCUS 3/3 ...focus gives to you more acuracy for a some
minutes...its nice to dont miss hits. in the fast bar the combination +
focus+impertinence + fury slash +power slah...its really great when the
monsters dont atact to you and they are hiting another guild member.

8th...time to get back to impertinence 5/5

9 th FURY ...3/3 and sure you will be at this point lv 120 and you dont get more skills to spend.


1st....LENGHENS POTHOOK...well pirate is a fantastic board warrior and i like to much board the flag ships then i sugest 5/5

option is RAMING...i dont like to much even after see how a good ram lv
12 can sunk in one hit one lv 10 my personal
opinion...ram is very dangerous and i see too how it fails a lot of time
and then your only option is board them or run fast...

you can
choose too protecction need to dont be boarded but personally i prefer
one ofensive pirate than defensive one. for so i put this guide for an
ofensive pirates.

2nd....CANON FRAME IMPROVEMENT...seems not much good skill but its necesary for the next ones...then 3/3

this point you get spended 8 points...needs 2 more...then i suggest
ramming. could be proteccion need in pvp could be nice...but remember
the films...pirates like to board ships and in the future you will need
to be boarded by puppets.

3rd then RAMING 2/5
important skill...EMERGENCY SOLUTION 2/2 flag ships use to flame your
ship and others buffs ... then use this for try to reduce the efect.

ATACK TECNIQUE...3/5 .. i dont like to much this effect in pvp could be
great but in task not to much. but its necesary for the next one.

th. DAMAGE CONTROL 3/3 good for dont get to much debuffs for the
enemys. like be burned, low speed, smoke effect, sails damaged...

7 th...back to CANNON ATACK ...5/5

th...CANISTER BALL knowledge..4/5 and be carefull 4/5...these are my
favourite cannons balls more easy to sunk fast ships with those ones for
pirates...and even gives an extra advantage to board a ship...cos you
can kill some of the sailors before you board him. And these cannon
balls when reduce enemy sailors gives the extra advantage than the enemy
ship will be more slow...less sailors less speed.

9 th...THE
GREAT AND FANTASTIC POTSHOT...4/5 cant get 5/5 This skill
makes that in 1 shot you can hit 5 enemys at same time....its really
funny to see 5 enemys aproaching...then activate the skill and when they
where close ....boooooooooooooommm all 5 sunked hahahahaha.



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