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THE TOOL BAR is soo usefull to the game and is a fast way to make actions with yor character. Whas is that Toolbar= thats this.

It´s down in the game. That picture is my toolbar from atack in sea battles...I Got F1 Force atack, for any other players appears to atack to me, clik here and then i can atack him. F2 pusuit, to go fast for the selected ship, f3 grapling, to aboard the enemy ship when he was close to me and when i got selected it. F4 repair, F5 cast anchor to stop the ship, F6 set sail for run again , F7 ...well im pirate, disposal robed goods, was for when i kill a ship sell all the goods that they drop...automáticly, F8 battle mantenance, very usefull in the batles when you need urgent repair- consume sp, f9 autofire, in the picture is F10 raming to hit the enemi ship selected, F11 el full speed,,, when i dont get sails or they are soo damaged and need scape fast. Only works when your ship is soo much damaged and F12 to get extra defese and extra-atack.

To the left you can see 2 arrows up and down and number got 8 tools bars and that arrows are to chosen them.


Ok up or down the toolbar number using those arrowr and you see that number up or down till you find an empty one...usualy number 3...

When you found one empty then think for what will be...for example for land combats

NOW on key board press CTR+A and this window appears in game...

I Go to configure land battles, then i chose on i click into one picture and put in F1 other i drop in F2 ....till i finish...think that in the begining you dont have all this options till you buy it or lear it in skill tutor....for exampel this is my land battle tool bar..

Here i put the special actions of my 2 weaponds, gun and falchion and what i use to cure other players.

FOR USE IT ONLY NEEDS CLIK MOSE ON IT - Left click mouse- OR PRES the key board. For put in bar the picture - righ side of mouse and move till the tool bar- To clear one bad option then right side of mouse and disapears...

Usualy i got 4 tool bar

1.- Games pre-configurate tool bar, to exchange items, send equip...etc - numbers 0 - 1 - 2 , i dont delete or change it if i were you.

2.- number 3 i think was empty, I put here my Toolbar for sea battle.

3.- number 4 i put here my land batle tool bar.

4.- number 5 i put here my production tool bar... foundry, ship-building...and other profesions that i learn at skill tutor...

The only that you need is know where you put every toolbar or up and down in the arrows for see what you need....when i go to kill pirates ship then put number 3. when i go to kill monsters at land put the number 4, when i go to produce something then number 5

You can configure the rest, number 6-7-8 how do you like but becarefull and get clear what will you need or you´ll be confused in the future and dont find nothing.

Whit the new patch perhaps you needed configure other toolbars for the new habilitys.

oh i forgot...when you press CTRL+A and the window find that new skills or habiltys appears when in time you learn more skills or habilitys. for that dont full your tool bar till you were secure that you got all you need

For dude or ask use this forum or ask in guld chat.


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