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OK when you get some map pieces of same king...for example 6 slate map pieces and you want to get 1 treasure map lv 1 then you must get to barcelona, see this map



THE RED POINT was the treasure maker...this guy makes treasures when you give to him some silver and the map pieces required....BE CAREFULL...read what tells to you and the silver needed...at begining you go wit more maps than you need or choose the bad option...be sure

for lv 1 map = 6 same kind map pieces....dont spend 7-8-9 ....only makes lv 1 maps

For separate map pieces (and other things...) use CTRL+C then in the window of your character you can find in top left a red point named SPLIT...click on it then clic in map pieces and new window appears and ask to you ..."Please enter the number yo want to..." introduce for example 6 and click yes...then you find that take in hand only 6 pieces and you can put in other slot of your character .... for example you get 10 slate pieces...you want to make a map...then ctr+c, click SPLIT, put 6 in new window, click yes and put the 6 pieces separated in other slot. .... now you will get 4 slate pieces in one slot and 6 slate in other slot..

then you go to the map maker and ask to him...make 6 slate pieces ...and he take only the 6 map pieces and the silver...and make one lv 1 treasure map...

SPLIT works to separate other thinks...like metal, timber, goods, food....

GREEN POINT on map...was the treasure exchanger...Some times...well, many times...the treasure maker fails the attempt to lv 2-3 -4 treasure map and he makes a lv 1 map...then you cant kill him...lol...but if you dont want that map - for example you got all maps lv 1 or you know where and what was that treasure map and dont like it- you can exchange the treasure map for others 5 map pieces...you spend silver and now the price of pieces was soo cheap...2 mounths ago the map pieces are at price of 85 k silver each one....then this option was good, not now that the price was 10 K.

At this NPC you can exchange other things...the more goods was...

OBSESIAN SKULL...droped some times for skeleton swordman...you can exchange here for 5 map pieces

A DREAM FLASK...droped some times for viking lord... You can exchange for 5 map pieces

A...dont remember his name sorry .... like a green sword droped for siren queen and same ..5 mp

other options i never used, for so if someone knows. put here or tell in guild chat


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