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The best in land combat but weak at sea combats.

In land combat seems he dont have rivals if you choosened the good sea...his only option in pvp is try to board you and kill you in board combat or hit to you with his ram. when i get time i put my opion here but if someone have more idea than me then can explain this profesion better than me lol.

my alt gatuna is an AB. And i see, his suits are more hard to make than the others cos he use a lot of mats hard to get withouth a mining or withouth a timber card.


The better weaponds in the game are falchion and sword. I prefer falchon cos i prefer get defense then the problem will be the acuracy...if you choose sword you get more efective atack but your problem will be the defense.

At beggining use the 16 fist skills point or with falchion or with sword...

Once you spend all these fist 16 skills then the next

FOCUS...A nice skill when you needs 30 more acuracy more lv more time efect. 3/3

needs one point more till you can choose the next one ...then choose what you want...or minds eye to get more technique, or heart impairing to stop them or any other than you likes, the most important is after you spend this point get all the next one this...

PRAY . 5/5 To reduce the atack of the monster and increase your hp.
PERSISTENCE 3/3 To increase your Damage reduccion when you get half life..this can save your life.
MORALE 1/1 = when you really needs to heal fast then click it and you get 2 hp for each 1 sp. reduce your sp but increase fast your hp.

COURAGE 3/3 Increase the efect of morale...

Left 2 points...then use in what you want.


I dont make to much sea battle with gatuna and i cant tell to much about the skills in sea and it depends how do you likes to teory the empery guardian is a great land combat warrior...then your best choice could be try to board fast the other ships. but if you dont make to much pvp and do you prefer kill pirates and sunk them then choose the defensive way. Emergency solution, damage control...etc.


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