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Amur Grape Ulleung Village
Anta Blade Tripoli Dock (lvl 4, MB), Mozambique Port (lvl 4, MB)
Cursed Legacy of Pirate - ), Alexander City (lvl 4, MB)
Huge Bigfoot Print - Sicily Caves (lvl 4, MB)
Aztec Gold Coin Bandit Camp Tavern
Ivory Mine Crete Bandit Camp (L4 MB)
Lucky Cat - Jejdo Suburb, Ulleung Suburb, Tortue city, Crete Bandit Camp Tavern (lvl 4, MB)

Box and Needle - Bandit Camp Tavern (Crete)(lvl 4, S)
Glave - Crete Banditcamp Tavern, Tortue Port (lvl 4, S)


Anta Blade Dakar Dock (lvl 4, P)
Aztec Gold Coin - Corsica Tavern, Sicily Caves, Crete Labyrinth (2nd floor) (lvl 4, P), Crete
Box and Needle Imperial Mausoleum 2nd Floor, Ulleung Village (lvl 4, P),
Cursed Gold - Imperial Mausoleum 1st Floor, Bandit Camp Tavern, Sicily Cave (lvl 4, P)
Cursed Legacy of Pirate -Mozambique (L4, P
Emerald Necklace - Ulleung Village, Tortue City (lvl 4, P), Double Axe Labyrinth 2nd floor (lvl 4, P),
Gilt-Edged Magnifier -Mogadishu Port (lvl 4, P)
Ivory Mine Mallorca Cave (lvl4, P),


Armour in Maximilian Style - Mozambique, Jejudo Suburb, Corsica Bandit Camp (lvl 4, OS),
Anta Blade Mogodishu Port (lvl4, OS), ...need to check
Cursed Legacy of Pirate Tripoli City (L4, OS), Dakar (L4, OS),
Gilt-Edged Magnifier -Imperial Mausoleum 1st Floor, Mogadishu Suburb (lvl 4, OS),


Corsica Bandit Camp Tavern (lvl 4, ?)
Amur Grape - Imperial Mausoleum 2nd Floor, Mogadishu Suburb,
Beryl Paper-weight - Mogadishu Port (lvl 4, ?)
Diamond Eardrop - Double axe Labyrinth 3rd Floor (Crete)
Emerald Necklace - Jejudo Suburb, (lvl 4, ?)
Gold Pipe -
Gold Plastron - Imperial Mausoleum 1st Floor
Ivory Mine - Capetown Suburb (Lvl 4, ?),
Latitude Measurement Laths - Bandit Camp Tavern

Mayan Stone - Alexander Dock (lvl 4, S), Tripoli City (lvl 4, MB)(lvl 4 , P), Tripoli port (lvl 4, S), Luanda Port (lvl 4, P), Mozambique Port (lvl 4, P) Alexander city (lvl 4, P), Luanda Port (lvl 4, MB), Mozambique Port (lvl 4, P)
Molded II Legacy (Mehmed II’s Legacy)(Moulded II) - Accra Port (3 x lvl 4, P), Alexander Dock (lvl 4, S)
Parthenon Marble Stone - Istanbul Suburb (2x lvl 4, MB), Mogadishu, Alexander Port, Luanda Port (lvl 4, MB), Cape Town Dock (lvl 4, ?)
Pirates' Logbook - Congo Jungle, Bandit Camp Tavern, Mallorca Caves (lvl 4, S)
Quadrant - Crete Bandit Camp Tavern
Riding Spear - Mogodishu City (lvl 4, S), Double Axe Labyrinth 3rd Floor (lvl4, P), Crete Bandit Camp Tavern (lvl 4, MB)
Sailor Falchion - Imperial Mausoleum 2nd Floor
Sapphire Ring - Crete Bandit Camp Tavern, Mozambique, Mozambique Port (lvl 4, ?)
Sextant - Mogadishu (lvl 4, OS), Mallorca Cave (lvl 4, P), Sicily Caves, (lvl 4 ?)
The Blues (Blue Tune) - Alexander City (lvl 4, ?), Luanda Port (lvl 4, MB), Mogadishu Port (lvl 4, P), Cape Town Port (lvl 4, ?), Cape Town Suburb (lvl 4, P)(2x lvl 4, ?)
The Globe (Globe) - Tortue, Sicilly Caves (2 x lvl 4, P) (lvl 4, MB), Tortue (lvl 4, MB), Mozambique Port (L4 MB)
Theodolite - Double Axe Labyrinth; Crete 2nd Floor (lvl4, OS)
The Voyage Century - Mallorca Caves, Imperial Mausoleum, Corsica Tavern, Double Axe Labyrinth1st Floor (lvl 4, OS), Mogadishu port (lvl 4, P)
Tricadna - Imperial Mausoleum 1st Floor (lvl 4, ?)

Reputation and coin not verified for these yet:
Black Carved Stone - Corsica pirate City (lvl 4, ?), Congo Jungle (lvl 4, ?)
Mithril Shield -
Sunstone - Corsica Bandit Camp (lvl 4, P), Double Axe Labyrinth; Crete 2nd Floor (lvl 4, S), Tortue (lvl 4, ?)
Degula Cap (Hat) - Mallorca Caves (lvl 4, S), Lemnos Island (lvl 4, S)
Degula Garment - Corsica Bandit Camp (lvl 4, P)
Mulan Chain Robe: (Female) - Imperial Mausoleum Level 1 (lvl 4 , S) (lvl 4, MB), Imperial Mausoleum level 2 (lvl 4, P)

Mulan Helmet (Female) - Barcelona Suburb (lvl 4, OS)
Timur Chain: (male) - Imperial Palace
Timur/ Tiemuer Helmet: (male)- Algeria Suburb, Double Axe Labyrinth (lvl 4, MB), Thasos Island (lvl 4, MB)

Ancient Fire Gun - Congo Forest (L4, P), Mallorca Caves (lvl 4,?)
Axe of Minotaur - {Minotaur Spawn} Crete Labyrnth, Thasos Island (lvl 4, P), Athens Suburb (lvl 4, MB)
Divine Falchion of Mars (Mars Holy Blade) - Corsica Bandit Camp (lvl 4, OS)
Divine Halberd of Poseidon (Axe of Poseidon) - Crete Labrynth, Goree Dungeon, Corsica Inland (lvl 4, ?)
Divine Sword of Ares (Ares Holy Sword) - Crete Labyrnth 2nd floor (Lvl 4, P)
Dragon Edge (Sword) - Imperial Palace
Dragon-scale Falchion (Dragon Squama Falchion??) - Imperial Mausoleum L1 (L4, S)
Excalibur - {Guard of King Aurthur spawn} London Suburb (Lvl 4, P), (lvl 4, S) (lvl 4, ?)
Flintlock (Original type Flintlock) - Bandit Camp Tavern;Crete (2 x lvl 4, MB),
Gigantic Sword - Imperial Palace, Imperial Mausoleum level 2 (lvl 4, ?)
Ganjiang Sword - Imperial Palace
Harquebus (Treasure item used for exact apparatus) - Corsica Village, Double Axe Labyrinth 2nd Floor (L4 S), Mogadishu Suburbs (lvl 4, S)
Heavens Halberd -
Lost Fire Gun (Lost Flint Lock Gun) - Double Axe Labyrnth 3rd Floor (lvl 4, MB), Mogadishu Suburb (lvl 4, S)
Multiple-tempered Falchion - Imperial Palace
Moxie Sword - Imperial Mausoleum (floor?) (lvl 4, P)
Spear of Longinus (Longinus Spear) - {Ancient Greek Warrior spawn} Madagascar Cave (lvl 4, S) (L4 MB)
Ancient Cross - {The Grave Keeper spawn} Double Axe labyrinth level 2 (lvl 4, ?) Found this reference in old guide Jan 2008
Balance of Law - Congo Jungle (lvl 4, MB)(lvl 4, S)(lvl 4, P)
Beryl Paper-weight - Mogadishu Port (lvl 4, ?)
Crown of Thorns - {Disciple's Soul spawn} Seville Suburb (lvl 4, MB)
Crystal Shoes - Goree Dungeon
Crystal Skull -{Witch spawn} Double Axe Labyrinth 1st Floor (2 x lvl 4, S)
Devil's Flask - (Lord of Mummy} Pyramid (floor unk)(lvl 4, MB), Pyramid 2nd floor (lvl 4, ?)(lvl 4, P)
Hour Glass of Conscience - Semerang Suburb, Congo Jungle (lvl 4, ?)
Mask of Prince Lanting - Semarang Suburbs (lvl 4, P)
Medal of Lion heart - {Dead Soul Crusader Archer and Dead Soul Crusader Commander spawn} London Suburbs
Tibetan Bracelet of Baptized Jade - Semerang Suburb (lvl 4, MB) (lvl 4, P)


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