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I Called special cos its imposible to use the grappling with them.

i found this guide and as i just start to kill them i dont have nothing to add but seems a complete guilde XD. so i copy and paste here.

These bosses are the ones you may have seen roaming around on HS with orange striped sails for low and medium bosses and light blue for high level bosses. U need to know which boss belongs where as there is a protection; as in if u has over a definite level of sea battle u can’t attack the boss. Low level bosses have a protection of 80 sea battle and the medium ones have a protection of 105 sea battle the high level bosses have no protection. The low level bosses look like level 7 raiders, the mid bosses look like…. Hmm I guess a ship we haven’t got in version atm, and the high level bosses look like a level 10 BS. These bosses CANNOT be grappled. Once someone goes in and kills the boss other than a nice message popping up telling all the ppl on the server you killed it the debris of the boss containing whatever he dropped will be PROTECTED not for who killed the boss but for the player that attacked the boss first. There is an exception thug hall the explosive ships bosses are bugged as if there are some explosive ships alive while u kill it there will be no message for the players and the drop won’t be protected or will be protected for the last person hitting it. This is a very annoying bug and hope they will fix it.

EQUIP NEEDED FOR THESE BOSSES: i must check this ...
Sea battle jewelry is not a must need for the bosses if u have it good for u it will help your shield survive more hits and help you doing more damage to the boss. Special shields are a must need for these bosses though of which level I will discuss later. I suggest sea battle ranked equip to fight these bosses as the skills on them have a relatively low recharge time and give you a hand to keep your shields alive.
As goes for the ship a level 10 ship is not necessary. As long as you can equip high level cannonproof shields or secondarys for the low level bosses the ships is fine and u must have a decent number of cannons because the main point in fighting these bosses is keeping the durability of your shield high as I estimated their hull to be around 50k. Oh yeah now I remember I didn't say this but you have to kill them with hull. When I tried to go for sailors it took me muuuuuch more. The ammo you can use is various but u need to find your own balance with how many shields u got and how much cannons you got. My alt has 125 cannons per side level 8 pmc bucks and works fine but as always the more you got the better it is.

U can also get drawings in the debris but these are untradeable, unvendible, undroppable,.. Etc. as in they got for 500k to shipyard unless u got the required level. The drawings are frozen stuff, level 11 shields and fh.

There are three types of bosses now one of each type for each level:
The explosive ships (appulsive ship) boss is one that spawns from itself some small bright red colored ships that hit your hull for 4k for low level bosses, 5k medium bosses, and 6k high level bosses. The only way to stop this damage is to wear a ramproof because even if they are called appulsive they ram u o_O. Wearing a ramproof means u have no protection for sail and less protection for hull as other than sending u these small ships these bosses even shoot at u. For all these bosses u must have a high level ramproof shield even for the low level boss (friend tried with secondary an failed) unless u want to come back a second time to finish him off. In fact I forgot to say that if u keep the boss in the bf (maybe with a dead lat lying there) the damage it has taken does not get refreshed otherwise when u hit back after your dead the boss starts roaming happily again on the seas with full stats again. Low level boss that fights this way is called: Ran de Bellieves medium is: Henry Livelli’s Fantasy Ship, an high level is Wahnofen’s Crackling Light Aboard Ship. The safe is always in the debris.

The Flagship bosses are the ones that fight like a normal flagship as in they shot at you and that is it. Once u kill it the drop will be right where you killed it as a debris pile. Nothing special about these bosses just they got a lot of hull and u best have a lotta balls for them. You can kill low level bosses even with a few secondary cannonproof shields but u must have high-level cannonproof shield for the high level bosses and medium level ones. These bosses are called: low level is Edward Davis Flagship, the medium one is Bloodblade Niberto and the high level one is Tippy Tipoo. The safe is always in the debris.

The escaping boats bosses have almost the same hull as the flagship bosses and do you almost the same damage too (as in same shields as flagship bosses needed) but the funny thing about these bosses is that when u killed them the drop is protected like always for whomever attacked it first but when they sink 4 boats spawn and speed N-S-E-W (in the bf u sunk the boss) and only ONE of the has the safe in it (the one from which u can get jewelry from) when u sink it the drop from this escaping boat is protected again for whomever attacked the escaping boat first. I got tricked twice as these escaping boats can even drop silver so don't rely you sank the right one the first shot lol. These ones are George Anshen's for low level; Savage Henry Morgan's Flagship for medium level; and Laboo's Eagle Ship for high level.
When you have to deal with the escaping boats it is best to use canisters to pull them down as 1 or two shots are enough. I usually try to stay as close as the boss as possible before he is killed and my usual tactic is to place myself in the area between N-S-E-W as u can see from the "radar" so that I can hit the escaping ships with both sides of my cannons.

There are no specific "tricks" for all these bosses other than shooting a lot at them but remembering that their left side is strongest meaning u might want to try attacking them form the right and keeping their right side cannons shooting at you.
Though actually there is a very good tactic that some people don't use which I find very helpful though: instead of just shooting at it with one side of your ship's cannons keep the boss infront of you and "oscillate" to the right and left. You will need some practice to master this technique perfectly but it helps a lot. For example: In the moment your ship's left cannons are shooting your ship should already be turning anti-clockwise to bring your right cannons into firing angle and when they shoot you ship should already be turning cock-wise to bring your left side cannons yet again in firing angle. I personally find it easier to do this by looking at the "radar" in the top left corner. With the first shot you learn at what point your cannons shoot by looking at the radar and when u see the ship is again i that spot you start turning the other way. I noticed that the radar is a little bit bugged: as in the actual shot angles are not accurate so you will have to try those first two shots with your right and left side to let's say test out what is the point at which your ship shoots. Hope I made his clear to everyone. This strategy helps as you yield a lot more damage to the boss and save up cannonproof durability.

i need to check the next info...
I constructed an excel paper for all the coordinates of the bosses I encountered in the Atlantic for now when ill be strong enough ill do an excel document for the afro-Asian too. I also included my obeservations or small bugs encontered when looking for these bosses.

Regarding spawn times only 1 boss of each level spawns and the refresh times are 1:20-1:30 hrs for low level bosses 2:40-3:00 hrs for medium and 5:50-6:00 hrs for high level. Meaning that if ne of the low level bosses got killed at 12:00 another low-level boss (random) will spawn around 13:20 and the routes are random too. The different bosses seem to even wanna spawn together like a happy family some times so let's say that a medium boss should spawn around 1:45 and u killed a low boss around 12:00 the low boss should spawn around 13:20 but it may happen both will spawn at the same time even thought it's not the exact time. I believe this is to give more ppl a chance to fetch em without one person killing em all.

Well you open up the safe (by right-clicking) and the safe gives you stuff... just to clarify that lol
40 HS map pieces
60 map pieces
Starring jewels
Favored jewels

60 HS map pieces
60 map pieces
ALL NEW JEWELS (http://forum.vc.igg.com/viewthre ... &extra=page%3D1)
except for cursed jewels

90 HS map pieces
99 map pieces
ALL NEW JEWELS (http://forum.vc.igg.com/viewthre ... &extra=page%3D1)

You usually get in the debris:
some silver (around 700k)
sometimes figureheads with 5 fails (level 7ns from low bosses, level 10 from high and medium ones)
quality ammo of the 3 types from 3k to 5k of each type
20 high repair kit + 20 high healing kits
20 secondary repair kits +20 secondary healing kits

U can also get drawings in the debris but these are untradeable, unvendible, undroppable,.. Etc. as in they go for 500k to shipyard unless u got the required level. The drawings are frozen stuff (uni and hat), level 11 shields and fhds.


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